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Love the garden. Looks very good. Hope the pumpkin plant doesn't take over the yard. WHEN do you have time for this?

Underweight child: no wonderful suggestions except for eating copious amounts of chocolate fudgscicles while watching TV.


My little bugger's 20 lbs and 2 years old. My sister and I were small like that so I didnt think it was a big deal but doctor's did make sure that they tested his thyroid and did a bone scan to make sure everything was ok. So he, obviously cant afford to lose any weight- I've got friends with 4 month olds that weight more than him!

He ended up getting put on a nebulizer for chest congestion and that has helped him eat a little more. Other than that, I share my ensure shakes and I give him whole milk with the hopes that itll help pack on the ounces. I'm sure at this point you've tried pediasure shakes (those things are pretty tasty!).

It certainly is a challenge to find high calorie foods that arent junk!


I recommend dairy (whole milk, cheeses, eggs), nuts (almonds, walnuts), and red meat. All have a high fat content but the protein your child needs.


On your underweight wee one -- is there any chance this person has an issue with gluten? (Forgive me, this is a case of my kid has this and so EVERYONE must -- but I have a point.) My nearly 10 year old wasn't gaining weight -- though still growing in height and we happened to mention another weird thing with his eating and a simple blood test later and poof we were on the road to a Celiac diagnosis. The thing is that it basically kills the villi in his small intestines -- the ones that absorb food. Four months on a gluten free diet, he's grown 1/2" AND gained nearly 6 pounds. Given that he's still around 50 lbs -- we are pleased. So, it might be worth a shot before you put this kiddo on a high fat/high protein diet.


Been meaning to call you. You know we had our own weight issues here with our little guy. Have they checked for a thyroid problem? Other than that... smoothies with protein powder worked well-- in addition to a meal not in place of. (I would say Pedia Kids, but I'm guessing this child wouldn't be up for that :-))


On weight gain -- mandatory snacks, potentially AM as well as PM. Make them relatively substantial -- fruit cups, for example, are great for a casual snack but not so great for a weight-gain snack. Nuts (if the child in question isn't allergic) and seeds, energy bars (not just granola bars, which are often lower in calories), protein shakes... Oh, and when I had to gain weight I pretty much wasn't allowed cereal, which wasn't dense enough -- granola's better for that. Or mix oatmeal with nuts, dried fruit, etc.

Cooking vegetables in oil can add calories without bulking up the meal -- I HATED doing this, as I prefer my broccoli unadulterated, but every bit counts. I don't know what you put in your smoothies, but you could try frozen milk instead of ice, use coconut milk, add protein powder or nut/soy butter...

(Tried to post earlier and it didn't take -- sorry if another variation on this comment shows up!)


I love your sandbox garden. I'm still living with transplants still in their original containers. My staff is lacking in ambition and I'm down with a super flu/cold. IT's in my chest and I've been sleeping most of the day away. eating is optional even.

Snacks? what if they bake cookies? for weight loser? ice cream milk shakes? olive oil in sandwiches with mayo?


I second the comment above about mandatory snacks! Make sure there is some healthy protein in the snack whether it's cheese or peanut/sunflower butter or even lean lunch meat on wheat crackers. Luna bars come in some great flavors that all of my kids love. Smoothies or shakes were fun when our kids needed to gain and they are super easy to add ice cream, greek yogurt or protein powder. It's such a stressful situation - I wish you and your little one well.


Maybe the ballet school being closed is the universe's way of tipping you off about how your classmates' dress? So, when you go there, you can concentrate on how it feels to dance vs. what everyone is wearing.

For the food, what about the Ensure Shakes or any sort of shakes?


Smoothies loaded with fruit and yogurt or ice cream. Throw bananas in and peanut butter.


shakes made with ice cream and whipping cream. talk about calories!

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