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How wrong of them not to show up? What the Hey? You are wonderful. You are paying for this class, be yourself, it's your class.


I think I would ask for my money back and look elsewhere.

Meredith R

I would talk to somebody there and find out what happened. Maybe there was an emergency. Listen to them and then go with your gut feeling after you have a second to digest it all.

Jackie Parker

Of course, you should try the Friday class. Call to find out why the teacher wasn't there and if she will be there Friday. If you don't do it you will always wonder! If you aren't comfortable after a couple of classes you can always leave and never return!


I would talk to somebody also, at least find out what happened. I would be awfully upset though, especially after all that psyching yourself up.


That's so funny that you called it a "recital school." Now I know what to call that. My oldest daughter is at a serious ballet studio (uses RAD curriculum, has an accompanying ballet company, etc.) and I love it. Daughter #3 wanted to do hip-hop at a Christian dance studio and I relented. We just saw the recital (which I could not afford to attend at $15 per ticket... so I went to the rehearsal), and I was shocked at how poor the dance quality was -- but BOY-OH-BOY, you should have seen the costumes. And every dance had a costume change. Elaborate costumes. Costumes mothers had to pay for. (I didn't -- praise God.) That is exactly why I pulled my girls out of the last place they were dancing... now I know what it is I hate. Recital schools. Awesome. I love having the words to describe what I abhor. :)


I think it's amazing that you went. AMAZING. The fact that it didn't work out today was mere detail. Don't let it deter you.


Find out what happened, get your money back if it wasn't a one-time thing with a huge apology on their end -- and then go somewhere else and do it!

FWIW, I just started adult beginner ballet, having NEVER danced. I love it. I'm terrible, but I'm slowly getting better, and it's fun to work hard on something totally different than my everyday life. (I'm 5'2" and 153 lb -- definitely not ballerina body shape, but I got up my courage and I'm so glad I did!)

You should TOTALLY give it another try, although maybe not there. Even a "recital school" might have a decent adult class, if that place is flaky.

Jean Garneau

Is this the same girl I remember who gave birth and raised 6 beautiful,intelligent children who never backed down to anyone when she was right.
You go Friday, dance with your heart and show them you still have what it takes to be dancer. This not about age but what will make you happy.
PS. It is an adult class.


-->Was the class cancelled or did you not go in?

I say GO FOR IT ON FRIDAY! There will be adults of all shapes, sizes and skills. You have all the experience under your belt (leotard?) so just "tap" into that.

Puns over.

Have fun!

Jennifer w.

Oh, Carmen, go, go, go! Find out what happened with the teacher and then go and dance and work up a sweat and have fun!


I became aggravated awhile because my gym stopped offering ballet, and I really wanted to sign up, so I wrote a kinda whiny email to the program director. She wrote back and told me they'd like to offer ballet again, but the instructor had died and they couldn't find a new one.

Wow. I'm still trying to get my foot out of the back of my throat after that one.

Anyway, I eventually found another class, and I loved it. The students were all ages, sizes and ability levels, and the teacher was great and very helpful — not afraid to criticize but able to do it in a way that didn't make you feel terrible.

You didn't say whether it's a beginner class or not, but I have to imagine you would be about the best one in the class. We had former serious dancers who blew the rest of us out of the water. Would YOU laugh at you? They won't see what you think. They will see a strong person who obviously has a ton of experience already and is doing a beautiful thing for herself and her daughters by taking ballet again. What a great example for all of them.

I hope the instructor issue gets worked out, and you can go back.

On another note, I'm curious where you're going. I've been to some performances by a local company, and their program sounds excellent, not that I really know what I'm talking about.


I hope that you try again. I signed up for adult modern this summer, having never taken a dance class as an adult. My daughter takes dance through the local YMCA, and yes, it is a recital school, but I haven't seen anything else better for the price. Anyway, I was really on the fence about myself signing up, for all of the reasons that you listed above, but the day that you wrote the post about your shoes (although, yes, I know that modern is done barefoot), I did it. I wanted to see if I could hack it. I hope that you give it another shot. My first class is next Thursday, and get this- the online system wouldn't let me register, it was set up for 10 year olds! I had to get the dance director to force add me. Haha. She swears I'm not the oldest person in the class though!


I took an adult dance class last year and it was not at all serious like you are imagining. We dressed in workout clothes, chatted a lot, and had a lot of fun. I personally was terrible but others were a bit better. Only one of us was young and skinny and we were her mother hens.

Knowing our area, I am sure I know which school you are driving to. It is a good one. That said, my daughter has been at a "recital school" for seven years and it has been nothing but a good experience. No dance moms, no strictness, no competition, and the company dancers (which she is one of now) do some community service. She got into the gifted dance program through the schools and I see good progress each year. Is her technique perfect? No, I am sure it isn't. But she is learning and having a good and fun experience. So it really depends what your priorities are. I know she would not enjoy a classical ballet school and I certainly wouldn't enjoy the drive! So I suffer through the incredibly long recital each year because she loves where she dances. (The name rhymes with Ice Pants. I know you can figure it out now!)

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