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You didn't link to the other posts! I think I read one of them, though - it was awesome. And even we homeschooling moms feel like this by the end of the school year. I swear, if I see one more math problem, I will start to scream and will not be able to stop.


Great analogy Carmen! I am so ready to be done.....and I'm a teacher and mom! This is my last week and I've had to write EVERYTHING down. I can't keep my girls' field trips straight and I've had several graduation gifts to take care of. First world problems for sure. I hope all goes well on your end. Happy summer!


Love this post! I am so right there with you! I just want to stop all the madness of school, projects and homework. We still have the camps I direct to deal with, BUT we will be doing this as a family...together all summer. Oh shoot me!


I so understand this, Carmen, though you have it way harder than I. My daughter has spent the last month alternately excited about the end of the school year and devastated, crying, because it can't come soon enough. Friday was her last day and came with a wide range of emotion. She is still trying to figure out how to handle being home and not having all the stresses of school weighing her down. She has been unable to secure a job and all of her other friends are working at least part time so she feels inferior. I tell her to be thankful she does not HAVE to work - there is plenty of time for that later. My son graduates from middle school today. He can't wait for high school. I just have to figure our how to keep them from killing each other over the summer, or keep me from running away. So I relate to that I want them home but ask me again in three weeks feeling. Hang in there. And PS - its okay to say mean things about mean girls. Really.


year round school is a special kind of hell for mom. a 3 week break a couple times a year is a poor substitute for a nice, long, drama-free summer. blah. my girls still have classes until the end of jun, then we start the new school year the third week of july. just seeing that in print makes me want to cry.


Stick me with a fork, I am SO done, too (((hugs)))

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