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That would all go to hell in a hand basket the minute I walk out the door for work. I hope it works for you. Keep us posted and update us with changes


What are the things with the yellow caps? I like this idea. I really really like it! must find me a box for this. I'd probably right freezies/ice cream whatevers on the cards too, just for keeping cool.


We do this at my house, but I love the card idea for the cold items! The girls never go into the pantry anymore, they just take whatever is in the snack basket. Happy summer to you!


This is pretty much what we do - wide-open choice for lunch, no snacking until 3 or so. I still have everyone eating breakfast at the same time, but that might just be my masochistic tendencies coming to the fore.



I'm all over this one :)


The cards for cold stuff are a great idea! So simple, but I had never thought of it.


I might have to start doing this. That's brilliant! My kids will eat snacks all day if we let them and even though it's almost always healthy (fruits/veggies/hummus/cheese/yogurt) they still don't need to eat nearly as much of it as they do.


Newtons - that is all!


At night, my son and I would get a container and he would pick three snacks to eat the next day. He could eat them whenever he wanted, but once they were gone, that was it. Some days he would eat all three at once, but most days, he would spread them out.

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