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Headless Mom

You should!! It's fantastic exercise and if it's something you love it won't feel like work.

becky dunnell

What fun! I never did any sort of dance, and sometimes I wish I had (like when I read your post!).


I remember watching you dance and being so envious because I wanted to move so beautifully as you did. Watching you dance is still one of my favorite childhood memories of you. I was very much in awe of you. I was never able to, but you can imagine how happy I was that Heather wanted to dance.


Carmen, I love you! Your post is at a perfect time for me. Erica has been having trouble with her ribbons slipping. Thank you for the tips. You should go back to ballet. My older sister is going back to tap classes after 30 years.


It's such a fabulous thing to have a talent and to enjoy your talent. I wish I had that.


Oh my damn, those last few photos are breaking my ankles just thinking about it.

I will stick to Prancercise. :)


Truly Amazing!




love this! I always felt like a dancer at heart-even though I have the body more suited to a wrestler . .. .But I started taking an adult tap class with a little ballet thrown in this year and I'm loving it. We're even part of the recital. My daughter thinks it's awesome. . .

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