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I'm so glad you did it! YOU. DID. IT.


Lovely, and just what I needed to hear today! This is how I feel on the rare occasions I get to golf with my dad. The rule when we go is: No phones, no family, just golf. We leave everything in the car except our clubs and a little white ball. It's wonderful. Perhaps I should golf more....


YAY!!! you did it. I'm so glad you got there, and that you enjoyed it. It sounds like you enjoyed it! :) YAY!!!


So glad you actually went! That is what I've always loved about skating. You forget everything else and get engrossed in the activity in a way I've never been able to with most other things. I agree with Nikki; I think it has something to do with putting away the electronic devices.


Good for you! That is why I still sing though my dreams of a Broadway career or life as an opera singer are long past. It connects me, grounds me, makes me feel like myself and not somebody's wife or mother. It's funny, I know what you mean when you say you know a lot about dance education...that is just how I feel about music and theater.


So glad you did it!


Hooray, Carmen!


It's funny how we don't even realize how much STUFF is going through our heads all the time until we stop and focus on only one thing!


The way I understand it, you’ve never been so comfortable and at home with yourself than when you are dancing. Those shoes fit your feet and your soul for a reason. It sounds like you are never more grounded and peaceful than when you are on a ballet floor, jumping and spinning in flesh colored lycra! And I for one, truly hope you continue to be the dancer your heart always wanted to be, not the anorexic performer competing against herself in the eyes of a trainer. But the mother of six who finds her inner peace performing for one in a room full of mirrors that she is not looking at.. Keep dancing Carmen, enjoy the moments of play that ballet has given the grown-up who has returned to her roots by putting on some well broken in shoes once again. And maybe one day, you also return to the shoes of the novelist that you so rightly are as well…

Jackie Parker

Good for you! So glad you went! You need this keep it up! Love You!

Jennifer w.

Yay! You. Did. It!!
I think you should pay yourself on the back for this victory!
Truly. Although they be but small, victories they are!


Sooooo, worth it!


So glad you were able to get over the nervousness and Dance! And I hear you about best local friend moving to another country, it sucks!


Yes, what the others said - good for you for getting out there and DOING it. It is NOT selfish to take time for yourself. You have to fill the pitcher every once in a while in order to pour yourself into other things, of which you have plenty, my dear. You must take care of you. I forget that all the time too - I haven't had a hair cut in almost six months - but you must.
And p.s. - I'm with you on the boxing. Love the pad work, would hate to hit actual people or to be hit.

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