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My 5 year old wants the Saige doll ... and my MIL is trying to convince my mom to go half-sies with her on it. Oy!


I think about that often. You learn as your kids grow up that many of these people (esp teens) you see on the streets may have come from very loving, functional families.


We can talk about this some day. But, sometimes ...... it is what it is.


One of those men in Chicago is a cousin of mine. We all worry about him, but he is an adult who made decisions regardless of the help offered. It stinks, but, when you have done what you can do, you have to sit back and let be what will be.


ahhhh I thought this in portland when I was there in june, too.


First, I live in the Chicago 'burbs and thought about trying to come into the city to meet you BUT I didn't want to seem stalker-ish AND I was out of town. Glad you enjoyed your visit. It is quite a city.

Second, funny that my friend and I were just discussing this issue today. Her ex-husband (and father of her 6 year old) has no idea, at 46, how to take care of himself. He has always lived either with his mother or with my friend. Long story short, he is now ill, can't work, needs a colonoscopy, but is uninsured so no doctor will see him. He probably could find a free clinic but he won't. He has no income, is not eating because he is in pain. My friend said he is exactly the kind of person who will end up on the street because he just can't handle reality. For her part, she has done more for him over the years than any person should so she is not on the hook this time. Even his own mother says he can't come back!! It is really, really sad, but he just does not get it.

Lastly, there is nothing wrong with making that decision to not buy the AG doll. Sometimes our children need those lessons in "want" versus "need". We have been doing a lot of that here lately. Good job on doing what needed to be done for the greater good, even though it probably meant some tears.

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