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I LOVED butt paste when I was diapering! It smelled so much better than anything else on the market and didn't break out tender butt skin on my babes.


Butt Paste is something that is recommended for parents to use for kids with VACTERL Association birth defects....like my son. Awesome stuff!!!


This was diaper cream of choice with all four of my kids. Loved the product and although we are finally diaper free, I know that there are still a few tubes of Boudreaux's Butt Paste lying around in the house. :)


I loved this when mine was in diapers!


Such a great product! Love this diaper cream!


My youngest is still in diapers, and she has super-sensitive skin. It seems like I'm always battling diaper rash or some other kind of skin irritation on her. I was at a friend's one day and all she had was Butt Paste (I left my cream in the car), and she let me use it. It worked miraculously on munchkin's skin!

So far, Butt Paste is the only thing that works so easily on her skin without making diaper rash worse or causing problems of its own. So thankful for this product!


Even with no babies in diapers, we still keep a tube of butt paste in our medicine bag. Its great for surf rash and other, ahem, chaffing issues.


i have only changed diapers on other kids when babysitting, but I will keep this in mind if I ever have my own kids. It's a cute story!


I wish this had been as popular when my son was young. We had horrible results with the other options out there, usually ending up with a rash, anyway, as he has sensitive skin.

Karen P

My daughter is having a baby in September. Looks like I should recommend this to her!


It's all we used for mine!


Your FB post intrigued me enough to come over and read -- and was delighted to see that this was a product I was familiar with. I think it literally saved my daughter's butt when she had a stubborn rash that would not go away. Great product!

Headless Mom

Great product and I love that it's still a family business. You go George!


This post brings back memories! This product really works!

Mary Happymommy

My 10 year old son laughs whenever he sees "butt paste". He's going through a potty humor phase, which may never end because my husband cracks up over it, too.

mami2jcn at gmail dot com


Best shower gift I ever got was a small laundry basket filled to the brim with small, but essential baby items, like cloth diapers, tiny nail trimmers, and, well, that which is meant to be slathered on itty-bitty butts.


I used this paste when my son was little. Good product!

Becky Horn

Butt Paste is great!!! Works wonders

Margot C

We still keep this around though diapers are a thing of the past; two words 'cycling' and 'Lycra shorts' (ok 3). I don't think I need elaborate, but every serious cyclist should have this in his or her arsenal.

Lisa Brown

My Butt Paste Miracle: saved my little one from diaper rash, more than once, which keeps him comfortable, and that's a great felling.
jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

Lisa Brown

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