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Does Emma really call you "Mother"? That's hilarious! I wish I had thought of that when I was 11...MOTHER! DUH! just has so much more ring to it.


This would have only been more perfect if she came home and then bragged to her siblings that her trip to DC was better than theirs because the adventure was greater.

And also...knitting? You knit now?


Hooray for adventures!! And Moms on the other end fixing things. Good Work Mom!


I only wish my parents were that enthusiastic about spending quality time with their grandchildren. They are only 40 minutes away. My two kids are the only grandchildren in the state. But their idea of a "fun" day includes taking them to local art fairs, maybe taking them to a museum, but it must be educational, so they are treated to multiple lectures from their Poppa. And sugar? Forget about it. They somehow failed to ever hone their "fun" genes, if they ever had any. Fortunately, I discovered mine once I moved out of the house, and have worked it hard, so my kids can't wait for me to be a grandma!!


Oh my! I'm so sorry I'm so behind I didn't get to read all about this. What a day! I'd probably be upset too, on all ends.
Mom's worry, I'm sure as much as you were worried ab out your Daughter? your mother was worried about her daughter handling her granddaughter.

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