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You could make stewed tomatoes and freeze them. I also cut them up, puree them in a blender and freeze in zip locks (4 cups per quart size bag). Then I have fresh pureeed tomatoes to use for spaghetti sauce through out the coming year.

I don't grow tomatoes but buy a bushel at the end of the summer for $5.00 or so and do the above.


OOoooooo thank you!!! We also have an abundance of tomatoes. Gonna try this.


Well, it looks like I'll need to sneak over and steal some of the tomatoes from Mom's garden.


We do this. We freeze them and then pull them out in the middle of winter, put them on a pizza and sigh with happiness.


Ummmm I don't grow things - not a pretty sight that. However, I could be your friend forever and ever with a tray or two of those.


I would put them dried in jars with olive oil.

Nelson's Mama

Late summer, my Mom always made ripe tomato ketchup with the tomatoes that needed to be used.

I don't have her recipe, but it's chunky, with onions, lots of spices, I've seen her make it with apple (for tang or sweetness?), vinegar, etc.

It's a country staple eaten on the side with white beans and some corn bread :)


Thanks for the fruitfly idea! I knew about the Vinegar part but not the soap.

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