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I LOVE coffee...and would definitely buy fair trade coffee


I do drink coffee and I buy fair trade when I can!


Can't start my day without coffee! I purchase fair trade coffee when I can.


I do love coffe. Iced with chocolate please! I would love to buy fair trade.


I drink tons of coffee and I would consider buying fair trade!

Lisa S.

I drink coffee, as does my husband and my 5 and 2 year-olds like it black when they drink it with their Papa on Sundays after supper (don't worry, their cups are quite small!) I buy fair trade coffee and other products as often as they are available. (check out tenthousandvillages.com - I have no affiliation with them but if you are interested in more fair trade products, it's a great site!)


I drink coffee everyday. Iced is my favorite and I would absolutely buy Fair Trade coffee.

Meredith R

I love coffee! I like the idea of fair trade coffee. I would buy it.


My boyfriend is a coffee drinker. I would buy fair trade coffee for the house.


I am definitely a coffee drinker (not awake unless I do). I would consider fair trade...never heard of nor realized what it was....


I am a coffee drinker every day and yes I would try fair trade coffee. I buy a couple of flavors of Green Mountain Coffee already but did not know the information you shared.

Sarah B.

I am a coffee drinker, yes... one might even say coffee addict, because my kids know better than to talk to me in the morning before there's a mug in my hands. And YES, I would buy Fair Trade coffee!


yes I love my coffee and fair trade is a great idea! I would buy if it were easier to find in my area...

Lauren Scandurro

I love my coffee! Now that I know about Fair Trade I will certainly seek it out!


I am a devoted coffee drinker whose Keurig is on it's last legs! I will definitely be looking for Fair Trade coffee options.

Michelle H

I love these for tea and wanted to buy one for the family - coffee and tea drinkers!


I wasn't much of a coffee drinker until my son was around 1-year-old. A that time my daughter was 2.5. We had an friend tell us that it only took him and his wife having one child to become coffee drinkers. *sigh The wonders and joys of coffee and caffeine to keep up with kids! We don't have a Keurig, but my mom and dad do, and they always have Green Mountain K-cups. I love that stuff! I can't see getting a new coffee machine until ours breaks.

Thanks for the info in Free Trade coffee. Like you, I have heard the term before, but wasn't sure exactly what it meant. I'm definitely willing to spend a little more on something frivolous like coffee if it means the farmers are benefitting as well!


I drink coffee...all...day...long.. especially in the winter. Thanks for educating us on free trade coffee. I'll seek it out.


I love coffee! And would definitely buy fair trade!

David Parrish

I am a coffee and would consider buying fair trade coffee


I love coffee, especially the smell of it brewing! I would definitely purchase Free Trade Coffee. Thanks for educating me on that topic! It helps everyone, world wide, and in a lot of ways, it is a way of life that we all need to be seeking.

Mary Copeland

I am a coffee drinker and I would and do buy fair trade coffee.

Michelle M

My husband loves coffee and we try to buy fair trade as much as possible!

Karen G.

I am a coffee drinker (and tea drinker!) and definitely buy Fair Trade coffees and teas.


I love coffee and I do buy fair trade coffee (and everything else) every chance I get.

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