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Stacey B.

Gosh, Carmen. BTDT. I think I second guess EVERY trip to the dr. I have 'friends' that comment about how frequently I go to dr/ER with kids. Well, when you have 7 kids and each has own issues that is going to happen. Just don't want it to be one of those times that it is serious and it is overlooked (cancer and you thought it was a cold). My #4 had to wear same boot and asked if it came in a different color. Told her it matched her uniform but she wasn't impressed. Good luck keeping this one still enough to heal.


I had a broken arm for a week when I was eight before my parents took me to get X-rays. It happens -- it's not always obvious.

As an aside, that doctor seriously needs to work on his bedside manner.


Don't beat yourself up. My aunt yelled at her son about washing his face and proceeded to SCRUB his horribly broken out face before she figured out that he had chicken pox. Oh, and this same aunt -- told him to suck it and quit your whining when he twisted up his knee really badly and the plumber that had come to the house took a look at the kid with the ice pack on the couch and told her "Lady, I think that kid needs to go to the ER." Aunt was horrified that she didn't take the whining more seriously.

And she and the kid still survived. So there's that.


I had a similar experience after a bad rollerblading accident when I was 19. My thumb was a little swollen and sore, but surely it wasn't fractured, right? Except when I finally got an xray 3 weeks later, it was.

I'm sometimes a little surprised by how quickly I see parents running to the ER or urgent care. I can count on the fingers of one hand the times my parents took me to one of those places, because it usually meant a big bill. Waiting to see if it felt better after a few days was just normal.

So, stop beating yourself up. Your kid will survive, and hey, you saved him 3 weeks in a boot :)

Sarah B.

Our first pediatrician was much like your earlier one. She didn't believe me when I said my 9-month-old could walk, even after I put him down on the floor and he toddled across the room to me. And was I reading to him 30 minutes every day? And when she found out I'd started him on solids at 5 months against her express instructions to wait till at least six months (the kid was so ready for solids it wasn't even funny), she flew into a tiny, petty rage. I, too, have moved on. And you don't win worst mom award. I've done far worse things... like discovered that my kids stuck seven hackberries into their four ears and left them there for months before the doctor found them at a well-child checkup. ((HUGS))


Don't beat yourself up over it. Trust me, I've been in a similar thing. My Son, nine at the time, came out of karate and said he'd dislocated his shoulder, butt ha this teacher had popped it back in and he was fine. No tears, rather nonchalant about the whole thing. So, I figured, as some boys do, he was exaggerating. Later that evening I got a phone call from the karate teacher telling me that Son had, indeed, dislocated his shoulder and that maybe I should put some ice on it to help with any residule swelling or tenderness. Yeah...... Felt like the worst mother EVER. (He's dislocated each shoulder at least twice now. Both my kids have since been diagnosed with hypermobility syndrome- their tendons are super stretchy.)


we've all done the same!


Did the same thing with my dramatic only daughter. Took her in for a foot injury (it ended up only being a sprain) BUT the xray showed a old break in her foot that already healed. Without treatment, I might add. Oh well, kids are resilient!


My Brother now almost 40 fell down the stairs while "jumping" down the last 4 steps. HE went over on his ankle. Mom and Dad put ice on it, 8yrs later they found out it broke and he has been in PT since.


I understand . . . my daughter (#3 of 7) was in a full-blown asthma crisis, and I was telling her to quit messing around. My husband recognized the signs of true danger and sent us off to urgent care. We were taken to their most urgent of urgent care rooms with no waiting, and she ended up in the hospital overnight . . . we're all worst moms in our own ways. But then that's why we can smile understandingly and commiserate when things go wrong

Mary Beth

I don't comment often but I had to on this one. I broke my foot in high school and was ignored for ten days because it wasn't "that swollen or bruised." Twice in one year, my brother broke his wrist and my mother didn't believe him either time for a week.

For the record, all of my mother's children visit her as often as possible and speak to her on the phone once a week. And that brother with the multiple broken wrists is now an ER doctor who sees this scenario all the time.


Just HAVE to share ...
When my brother was a junior in high school, he stepped off the edge of the sidewalk wrong and twisted his foot. When he got home that night, he told Dad that it hurt bad (Mom was gone to a meeting). Dad told him to "just walk on it; it'll never get better if you don't walk on it" so my brother went to bed. The next morning, his foot was swollen and bruised and Mom determined he needed to go to the ER. When Mom came out of the exam room after viewing the x-ray, she told Dad that the foot was broken in not one but TWO places! Dad's response was "Guess I better start walking home then." He felt really crappy about it, but it's made for a funny family story!
All this ^^ to say, that you're not the first or only parent to tell a kid to "get over it" and I'm sure you won't be the last! ;-)


Oh gosh, no!! You did what you thought was right. Most of us would have done the same!! When my son was about 7 he broke his arm but didn't want another cast, (he had had the same arm casted twice already in the past year) so he went swimming at his friend's house and the mom didn't notice it - it took me picking him up and seeing how he was holding it to know what had happened. She is horrified to this day, but I keep telling her to get over it - he obviously wasn't in enough pain to make a big stink about it so how could she have known? Your son would surely have told you if he had been in enough pain for you to seriously worry. Do don't.

Nelson's Mama

My "something viral" morphed into pneumonia, pleural effusions and earned my then five year old daughter two weeks in the hospital.

I've come the conclusion that it's just part of being a Mom.


You're not worst mom . . . I have six kids and have done this numerous times. It happens. It's hard to tell at times whether it's something or nothing.


The doctor who mocked and insulted you when you went to him for help? Is a d*****bag. You may, if you wish, interpret that as "dirtbag," but that's not what I meant.

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