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WOW! That's all i got. Just WOW!

Headless Mom

*snort* It's not really funny, but it is.

I bet a real shower later that night felt great didn't it? ;-)

Kelly H

I'm sorry but BEST POST EVER. It's like a movie with Meg Ryan! Back when she had her real face! :)


Hoo, boy, I would totally be making my teens take the bus after that. I can picture that scene in the truck all too well.


Really, really funny! Thank you!

Sarah B.

OMG. Those are the days when you feel accomplished just for not murdering someone or breaking something valuable.

Jackie Parker

I totally pictured this to end with plumber and Husband returning home in the middle of your sponge bath! What a day! Just remember Grandchildren are your reward for not killing your children.


Oh that's impressive.


But if you didn't have mornings like this, what would you blog about? Nobody wants to read "The kids all went off to school happily and got 100's on their tests." :)

I've lived with hot being cold and cold being hot for four years now, and this post reminds me why. You get used to it.


According to all of this, you should now qualify for your Survivalist Diploma. Honestly, a bath with a measuring cup in the kitchen!


Um, wow. I would end the chauffeur service, myself. I only take my kids if they have a huge, unwieldy project that cannot be safely transported on the bus. Their school has loaner instruments for the largest horns: kids bring their own mouthpieces. And that goes without saying that rude kid = enjoy the walk, honey.

Karen Z

What a clever idea for a shower - I would not have thought of heating up the water!


Sorry about your day . . . it sounds somewhat familiar to some of mine. Days where I think "what the stink just happened?!"


And this is the one thing that I really took away from this...you have a kid that plays the horn! I play the horn! Hurray!

Good for you toting the instruments back and forth. To bad they don't have home horns and school horns.


Aww man...

I meant "too* bad".

Multitasking is not grammar's friend.

Ann Woodruff

Shower from a measuring cup with water warmed up is brilliant....rough morning and I'm sorry.


You are awesome. That is all.


I like the new description of getting the instruments in just the right alinement.

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