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HA! I have changed some but i'm still in the middle it seems.

suburbancorrespondent, who is not as nurturing as she used to be

Oh, I still remember the shocked look I gave, aeons ago, to a seasoned mom of 6 who was laughing about some sarcastic comment she had made to one of her children. Didn't she know that she was traumatizing her daughter?

She saw my reaction, too. Because the look she got on her face was the same one I wear a lot now, around younger mothers. The "Never mind, no point in my trying to explain it to you" look, that is...


I call my kids nerds. I tease them and they tease me. They tell me (and their dad) that we smell like old cheese. I tell them each that they're my favorite kid.

Laughing, teasing, joking, and respect can ALL fit in with a functional(ish) family.

But you should see the horror from the other kindergarten moms when I give my kid a goodbye kiss and say "I love you awesome nerd."


I was the same way and now joke around, am snarky with, and harangue my kids. It's all good.

Ann Woodruff

Loved this ...the banter is good. The respect essential. The humor is necessary. Thank for posting this.


It's all GOOD! We are like that and then some. It keeps us - us!


My parents are not known for their sense of humor. We joke around with our kids a lot, tease them, they tease us, etc. To this day, we manage almost every time we are with them to horrify them in one way or another. We love it.

Nelson's Mama

I get looks when my girls call me by my first name (I tuned out Mom a long time ago - kind of like the Mom on Family Guy).


This ranks right up there as one of my favorite posts of yours! My kids are young still, 5 and 7, but they are hysterical. We all joke around constantly. My mother finally started with come backs at my brother and I when I was in college and I remember the first zinger she hurled at me, I was so shocked, but loved it. If you can't take a joke you're not going to make it this crazy game called life.

Well said!! Love it!

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