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I'll share some eigth grade "pick up" lines I overheard awhile back. I am new to teaching middle school and these were from some awesome sweet smart kiddos who probably still have very little real interest in the opposite sex, which made them rather funny to me.

Did you sit in a pile of sugar, cause that booty is sweet?

Is that a phone in your pocket because that booty is calling to me?

Maybe you had to be there...

I love your blog, the funny stories but also the real crap (sorry, pun intended) because I think you are one of the most honest and real mom writers out there. Hang in there, we're rooting for you!


My elven year old went around talking like batman the other day. It cracked me up. I suggest finding a closet and with drink in hand hiding in there for at least fifteen minutes.

M Rees

The sun will come out tomorrow,
So ya better hang on till tomorrow, come what maaaaaay....


Hang in there. I became a grandma for the second time. My daughter had a little boy last Saturday. Leo Rex only 5 lbs 14 oz. I have to wait another week to see him she lives in Mikwaukee and I live in Olympia, Wa. My 2 /12 year lord granddaughter lives in New York. Hard to be a far away Grandma! Hope tomorrow is a whole lot better for you!


My younger son calls Justin Beiber Justin "Beaver." My older son is named Justin. They were fighting over opening the front door the other day and younger says to older "Get out of the way, Beaver!"

Sarah B.

My son will be 11 in two weeks. Less than two weeks, actually. And when I told him he could pick ANY restaurant in town to go for his birthday dinner... he picked a pizza parlor. I love 10.9-year-old boys.


A co-worker told me today that she went on a post divorce date and the guy grabbed her hand and started SUCKING HER THUMB! This was a first date too! And he was 50, not 18. I guess be happy you don't have to date too :)


I got my hairs did and it came out super cute. And it takes my hairdresser two hours to do my hair. Don't know why -but I get to read trashy magazines around chatty ladies and the uncomfortable young man and nobody can bug me.Win win!!


I cried last night- long story- but sweet part coming up. My 11 yr old son sees me crying " Mommy,you want to sit in the big chair with me?" "You can even sit in my lap, really!" I have said that to them a million times in 11 yrs ,so sweet. And while son IS a brawny fellow, I would squish him. Of course I cried harder.


Virginia Tech won last night! What could be better?


-->I agree with Megan, Virginia Tech won last night. Plus the weather has been great and it's so nice to turn off the A/C and open the windows. My knucklehead child said he was hot last night and wanted to get in the pool which is 69F. I told him to go for it and then decided that was his "bath" for the night. The weather is going to be great this weekend for a soccer game tomorrow morning and ODU tomorrow night. If I were brave and had patience, I'd go down to the oceanfront for the Neptune Festival on Sunday.


Zoe invented a new word: PERPES.

It's a combo of parasite and herpes and it's her new name for her little brother.



I bought myself slippers this week, impulse add to my avon order, didn't remember so when I opened the box I thought it was another avon ladies order? Nope. The slippers are now in Hubbie's office so he can surprise me with them when I forget about them again in December.
now about this sanitizing off the washer, what did you use? I live in a bleach free zone,

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