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When I was in middle school, I went to school on a Native American reservation (it's a long story), and every so often they'd have feast days. There would be dancing, and certain families would open up their home for people to come and eat (hence: feast day). There would be a huge amount of traditional foods - chiles, breads baked in stone ovens, posole...and jello marshmallow cottage cheese surprise. Not always lime, though. Orange was popular too. And...it's actually kind of weirdly good.
Also, I want you to know that when you told me to go get a cup of coffee, I actually did. I just though you should know. THE POWER, Carmen!


I really loved this story! When I was a kid, the older ladies in my church would make "salads" like that and we thought they were amazing, since our mom only made health food. I love how you helped turn your daughter's disappointment into a celebration! ( My daughters are ballet dancers and we have been there many times)Funny thing is I actually have all these ingredients since my son is recovering from wisdom tooth surgery....


Just this week I visited my mother and she served some "Frog Eye Salad" (google it, no frog eyes, but it does have acini de pepe pasta in it) and we discussed the non-veggie "salads" of our past. It reminded me of the delicious "Snicker Salad" made (seriously) from Granny Smith apples, Snickers candy bars, and of course, Cool Whip. That's the entire list. Chop and mix, baby.

Sarah B.

Man, that salad was served at every. single. potluck I went to as a child. It's a Lutheran thing. The other option was my mom's orange jello mixed with shredded carrots, raisins and marshmallows. Also delicious.


I live when "disasters" (according to the teens in our life) turn out so good!!

I love jello salad- when I was growing up, jello was dessert! So when my husband's mother made it with dinner, I was thrilled! She makes one that is green jello, celery, avocado, green olives and maybe some tomato sauce? It's an old one (called tomato aspec maybe?)--and sounds gross, but it's really good! My other favorite is strawberry jello, strawberries, crushed pretzels, and a layer of cream cheese in there somewhere. Amazing!

And I'm with you on cool whip. I looked at the ingredients once and was totally grossed out!! Stuff should be banned! Rea cream is the way to go!!


I think "jello salads" belong back in my elementary school cafeteria *shudder* but hmm...if the kids said it was delicious.

Thank you for telling your kid there was a specific reason why she was chosen for the role. I got to be the lucky person who handed out roles recently. After hours of planning and discussion, for every kid screaming in joy, we had one in or near tears. Fortunately they've come around.

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