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I never knew this recipe originally called for 2 sticks of butter. Your mom shared it with me several years ago...and I believe I only wrote down 1 stick of butter. :) Maybe I should try it with TWO! lol


Love this stuff! I made it last year for the first time for a party and I took none of it home with me. So good!! It is one of the first things on the menu for Thanksgiving.


Ok, seriously - took an hour to cook at 400? also, what size casserole dish. It looks awesome!


I love this stuff. I make it about once a month.




Corn pudding is wonderful, but I just have to say you're making it wrong :) It needs two cans of creamed corn, not one of each, two cans evaporated milk, four eggs, sugar and a little salt. And only 4 tablespoons of butter — heart healthy!


I make basically the same thing every year. I also use one stick of butter, but my recipe called for an egg. My whole extended family is nuts about this stuff (I personally think it's gross).


Huh, never tried it. I porbably will this year. Can the beverage of choice be coffee? I have the patience of a gnat - one hour is a long time......

Jackie Parker

Carmen, Jim and I love the way you wrote these directions! He said he thinks you like to drink while cooking almost as much as he does. We will try this, and your way, not all the other ways mentioned. Thanks for sharing!


You've left out another ingredient!
If you get a small glass, rim it with salt, fill it with tequila and drink a shot after adding each previously mentioned ingredient...
that hour FLIES by!
(my poor mom is going to think I am a closet alcoholic! lol)


Funny :)


I make a (Texas) version of this with cheese and green chiles, I could seriously eat the entire pan.

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