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Gorgeous!! WOW!! Love it!


Very pretty!


Such a GORGEOUS color!You look great!
So glad you & Frank got a chance to get out and enjoy yourselves for a bit after the past few months.
Joann would have loved you in this too... memorial tribute in-the-works & all :)


lovely lady! Glad you had a good time.




Love, love, love the biker jacket over the knockout dress.

a friend

I often love your blog, but my hope and prayer for you is that someday you will have enough confidence in yourself that you don't need to say things like, "I was told by more than a few women at the party that my dress was gorgeous - one woman even said I was the prettiest person in attendance, so that felt nice." so that everyone will comment and validate you. YES, you are a beautiful woman but not because you got dolled up or have big boobs or a fancy dress or rockin' hair. You don't have to force people's hand on this just for comments!

In any case, I am sure this sounds harsher than it is meant. Of course, it's your blog and you can write anything you darn well please. I normally really enjoy and appreciate a lot of what you do write. It just seems like you needlessly 'fish' a good deal of the time and I, for one, don't need convincing of your beauty or awesomeness or whatever. It's already apparent!

A friend. For real.

You looked amazing! Please don't listen to your "friend" up there who needs a lesson or two in manners.


You looked fab! Then again, no matter what you are awesome, so of course you looked great!




I love that style of dress on you! awesome!

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