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Oooh I would serve the potatoe and cheese ones with veggies. I love those!


I'm a big fan of plain ol' marinara sauce. It's simple, easy, and my kids love it. (If Puck gets picky I can tell him it's ketchup.)

I was looking at some new meal ideas for the munchkins, so I may have to check some of these out when I shop this week!


Homemade alfredo or bolognese! In fact, I think my bolognese sauce recipe is one you posted here a long time ago.

I also entered via Twitter: https://twitter.com/cvillemegan/status/402489070212767744


-->Those look really good and simple to make.


I'd serve a big ole margarita on the rocks with salt... and a piping hot loaf of bread!


We are a pesto family....or straight butter and parmesan cheese!


We love anything Pasta in this house! Manja!

Sarah B.

Pesto, with Italian salad!


Pesto or a simple brown butter...yum!


fresh broccoli and lots of Parmesan!

Stacey B.

A little meat sauce. Or maybe marinara. Oh, I have a houseful of Italians... of course they like pasta! :)


I would serve a side salad.


I'm going to look for the pierogies in the grocery store. I would serve kielbasa and a salad as a side.


marinara sauce and crisp salad probably caesar salad for a lovely dinner

Katie M

I love to try the Spinach and Cheese Ravioli! I'd top them with homemade tomato sauce and serve them with grilled veggies (peppers, asparagus, carrots...)


Two words. Garlic bread. Who can ever get enough of that stuff?


mmmmmmmmm pierogies, having married into the Polish part of my hubbie's family Pierogies are yummy! fried in bacon and onions lightly. Also nice with a sprinkling of Chipolte chili powder. I do not think we have Monterey here in Canada.

Michelle M

I would serve a tomato and avocado salad along side the potato pierogies.


I would serve it with a side salad


Alfredo sauce! And a big glass of wine!


The spinach and cheese calls for a zesty marinara. I would love to try the dumplings! I'll be on the look out for these!

becky dunnell

I want the potato/cheese peirogis so badly!! They look delish! My lovely dumplings would be served with butter, onion, & cheese (maybe a little sour cream) to remind me of my travels to Ukraine. I would have a salad on the side.

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