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Deanna Greene

I am SO excited about this product for my daughters.... I think it will stretch their minds in some really cool ways!


I've been excited about Goldieblox since the kickstarter! My daughter loves Legos and other building toys, and I know Goldieblox would be a favorite.


My daughter is ALL ABOUT the stories and the Legos - this sounds right up her alley.

Stacey B.

Having a mix of three boys and four girls, I definitely see how genders play differently, even with the same toy. My #5 child would really enjoy this. (probably #7 would sneak it when she was at school as well ;))


I think this sounds like a great product my girls would love! I likethe idea of a story element as a prompt for creative design!

Beth S

Wow, this is the third time this week I have seen the GoldieBlocks info and I want them. :-) I want them for me! I'll keep them nice and safe until the baby girl is big enough to play and learn from them too. :-) As an engineer who grew up playing with her brother's lego, I know how building and construction toys can help shape your future. And you are never too old to get more.


I have four daughters! We love to figure it all out and play with the "boy" toys. Legos, Knex, are great! Goldiebox looks awesome!


Love this! I should have been an engineer, just didn't recognize it until I got older. Would love to inspire my neice to figure herself out sooner!


I wonder if Sophia is old enough for these yet? Well, if not, she will be eventually! Such a great concept.


My 7 year old daughter is a natural inventor -- maybe if she had GoldieBlox to work with I would not so often be stumbling on her stash of fridge magnets, paperclips, glue, grocery bags, socks, old shoe boxes, and everything else that she can get her hands on to make her ideas come to life! (I'd like my fridge magnets back, but how can you say no to an inventor?)


My daughter is 5 and she is following in her older brothers' foot steps and loves mechanical creating.


GoldieBlox will inspire my girls to think of new and clever solution to the problem. I hope it pushes them to really think things through. I really want to win-this WILL be under our tree this year!


My oldest daughter wants to be an engineer at 12. I hope that she will continue with it and fulfill that dream. Games like this could be the difference between sticking with it or not. If nothing else, she can pass on her knowledge to her younger sister with these games.


This is great. I plan on getting GoldieBlox for my nieces and maybe even my nephew to explore. As an engineer myself, I am first hoping that they see this as a fun toy. I also hope that I can help them see that engineering is all around us.


Like you, my eyes glaze over when math is mentioned (perhaps a slight exaggeration). So my girls, age 8 and 6, would likely benefit from a toy that holds their interest while expanding their math/building horizon more than I could do.

Jen S

My 6 years old daughter and her 4 year old sister love building with Legos, but I know the story aspect would be a definite draw. I think learning that they can solve problems and have fun doing it, would inspire them to do great things,


I think GoldieBlox will inspires young girls by showing them they can build and design interesting things and I know of two young women who would love to try them out. Smart girls need challenges and these can answer those challenges.


Sorry for the typo... will inspire... not will inspires...


Super cool stuff.

One Frugal Girl

Little girls can be any thing they want in this day and age. This toy will help them think outside of the box. I love the idea!
onefrugalgirl AT gmail DOT com


My daughter loves creating things -- drawings, tinkertoy contraptions etc... This encourages problem solving and gives an outlet for creating! Thanks for the giveaway.


My daughter loves to create and invent. She would be thrilled with this.


I am a director at a science museum, and we are very interested in these products. Like all museums, we need to watch our bottom line, so would love to be able to check this out for free to see if we need to work on a grant to get more and how we can use them in our museum!

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