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Sarah B.

Kids! If it's a kid-friendly party, make sure that your own kids either A) hide the stuff they don't want anyone else touching or B) designate one room/area as the kids' area. No food or drink allowed, but they can go nuts. Or kick them outside if the weather's nice. Oh, and for those with food allergies/sensitivities/preferences, I might try to have one dish on hand they can eat and suggest they bring safe foods for the rest. I don't decorate or worry about seating, either, other than to move the ottoman into a space by itself… it acts like two extra seats if done properly. I try to send people home with plates of leftover food, if it's that sort of party, so that I don't wind up with tons and tons of yummy-but-fattening leftovers, and I make sure I have lots of plastic wrap and/or aluminum foil around as well. I'll be checking back - I love host(ess)ing parties!


Folks are always going hang-out near the food. Always. Make room for them there. Have Fun! Don't spend all your time worrying about stuff - it's just stuff.


The most important thing when hosting a party is to be genuinely warm and inviting. If people feel welcome in your home or at your party, they will leave knowing you are the best party planner under the sun. I make a point - no matter how busy I am host(ess)ing to speak to every guest and make sure that they have everything they need. If you are an introvert, a good way to do that is to take the appetizer tray around and offer an app to every guest. It works every time! :) I would like to know how you handle the grabby kiddos who completely decimate your food table and {shudder} are rude to boot or who take cans of soda, open them and leave them or spew them all over the yard??? Help me out. As good Catholics, we know loads of kiddos and some of them are not allowed to eat (lol - I'm only half kidding!) if there is a party that day... it makes for a difficult time if you want to do those Pinterest cutesie foods.... :(

Sarah B.

Laurie, I'm sneaky. If I know there are a ton of kids coming and suspect a sudden massacre of the food, I have a few different tricks. One of them is to order pizza to arrive separately and/or set up a table JUST for the kids' food. My favorite technique, though, is to hide some of the trays. Then when I announce that it's food time, all the swarmlings attack what's out (I do make one or two things geared to kids) and stuff themselves. And once they disappear, I bring out the rest… the more sophisticated stuff. Sometimes the kids come back and have more, but by that point the adults have usually gotten most of what they want. It's not a perfect method, but it's worked pretty well thus far.

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