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I can really relate to this post. I feel like I have been slogging through life since 2007. I am hoping to get caught up next week when my boys have the week off. I keep saying that every holiday, long weekend or for our free weeks over the summers. I need to for my peace of mind and sanity. I have felt resentful for a very long time since my best friend and partner has felt he doesn't need to help or support me on this. It makes me angry because the pile up began from an incident he caused. BUT I will overcome this weekend and as much as I want to snub him about it, I won't. I will be the better person it in all.


That shadowbox is lovely!

I hope you can find a way to focus on what you *are* accomplishing instead of what's piling up behind you. No matter what's going on in life, there's always more to be done. You're struggling, so celebrate what you are doing and know you have tons of people on your side in any way you need.


-->I live week to week and although I pencil in fun things on the weekends, I keep my head down and next thing I know it's another major holiday. I don't know how you manage six children when I just get by with one.

PS. I've been going to CCD every Tuesday night at our church since September because they do an "adult refresh" in church while the kids are in their classes. It's a nice reminder and quiet hour.


Very Nice shadowbox. You will find your way back. And the missed opportunities will just have to be missed. Soemtimes, Life Happens.

Karen Z

You are made of good stuff so hang in there honey and it will get better.


Really, there are some times in life where all you can do is hang on. I hope you don't think you were supposed to keep up with all the ordinary stuff when you are dealing with a death in the family! And a pox on those who think it is appropriate to have a deadline in November for a summer program. That sort of thing just makes me weep.


Figure out what things you can let go - hello, ironing - and focus on those things that must get done. Failing that, just keep swimming and know that the world will not end because you missed a few things. Then, pour yourself a martini and breathe.

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