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becky dunnell

What a wonderful remind to just be still and listen. I love hearing the street musicians, I just need that time to be still and listen to them more often.


It's a Christmas Story!
Love it... you were good for each other :)


An amazing Christmas moment!!


Sorry if this is an aside comment, but I keep wondering why American moms (and dads) drive their kids everywhere. I mean, here kids are supposed to be walking/taking public transport when they're 12 or 13 years old. And when I mean "here" I'm talking about a densely populated city of around 1 million inhabitants and commuters... After dark (7 pm, say) it is not so common, but before that... My older kids have been walking and taking public transport since they're 10 or 11. As a matter of fact, today my almost 12 year old daughter will be taking the underground to her synchro swimming lesson, at around 5.30/6 pm. My husband picks her up on the way back home. If it weren't for this mobility and independence, I wouldn't be able to cater for all 4 kids different needs (and we only have one car, which my husband takes to work because of lousy public transport solutions)
Do you do it because of lack of good connections or lack of public transport?

Marta from Portugal

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