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I hate when you get that from a nurse. I had one recently on the phone that didn't ask me a single question about the rash I had, but decided it must be from a medication I'm on-that I have been on for 7 years! She was pretty much hanging up on me and I had to demand that she take my info on how long I had it, etc.


YES YES YES!!!! oh YES! I love this post today~!:) Thank you Thank you Thank you for Sharing!!! and Caring!:)

Meredith R

Love you, Carmen!


I am reading this book about monks in a Russian monastery--and it's non-fiction, so you'd think it would be a snooze, but it's incredible. And the one thing that keeps coming through is the monks' incredible spirit of love and humility. It's as if, because they're so humble, they are better at loving.

It's not that they think they're worthless. It's that they know where their worth comes from, and it's not their own self-created awesomeness. I think when people don't feel their own worth, they have to snatch and create a sense of power from wherever they can. That translates into needing to lord it over people, instead of serve them.

But...just but...imagine how awesome it would be if we all felt worthy and loved, and it gave us so much joy that we were tripping over ourselves in our zeal to love and care for everyone else. Crazy talk, I know.


I think the word you are searching for is humility - we should all exercise it when people ask for our help. Because, yeah, sometimes it is ourselves who need help from others. Sometimes I think older people aren't so much smart/wise as they are humble/wise - they have a painfully personal knowledge of how frail we all are, no matter how smart/rich/powerful/etc.

And, yes, half my friends linked your post this week (the half with big families of course) and I have been able to boast that I have personally emailed with you. Hey, I'll take what I can get.


I recently had a similar experience when selling something on eBay. They buyer was ridiculously rude and said some very hurtful things. I responded politely, admitted my mistake and corrected the problem. Then I stewed for days. No matter what we say and do, or what we try to tell ourselves, what others say/do DOES affect us.
I wrote this and out it on my fridge....
"we have a responsibility to be kind and gracious. On the receiving end of each act of kindness and grace is a person who has the right to be treated thusly. We change people with our actions. Choose to act on behalf do kindness and grace."
I wanted to remind myself to never treat anyone the way I was treated.



Amen, Carmen! I swear the older I get the more I don't know. And I also feel like crying when someone is mean to me or makes me feel inadequate. Why can't we just all be kinder to one another and appreciate the things we are good at and help others without the judgement? Great post, and totally relevant!


You get an "Amen sister" for this post!

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