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becky d.

Coastal.com -- a lot of times they have run "free" pairs on Facebook for first time buyers...yes, it cost some because my prescription is higher, but I bought a pair that I love and wear all the time...

Other than that I am pretty exclusive to Target Optical...not a lot out there, but the eye doctor at mine is awesome & the people are so nice and helpful.


I thought we had bad vision insurance. But, at least ours pays for an exam every year for each of us. Yikes on the cost! Sams and Costco aren't bad places for glasses.

Sarah B.

We had the every-two-year vision insurance for a long time, too. It's almost worse than having NO insurance because if you have no insurance, at least places usually give you discounts. And Walmart/Target/etc. don't do eyeglasses in Oklahoma. In fact, there are NO places to purchase cheap glasses. I'm sorry you had such an awful time :(

Jodie in MN

Okay, I'm stumped, what on earth is "Schmericka's Fest"? I have terrible eyes and so far two out of three of our kids wear glasses. We have our eyes checked at an opthamologist (I couldn't tell you the difference between him and an optometrist, especially after I asked a question about my son's eyes and he said I should ask our GP...). He hands us our prescription and we go to Walmart. Besides the big selection, they have a great one year warranty. If the kids' eyes didn't change so often I could easily get over a year out of one purchase.

Susan Trumbo

I am so with you on "Shcmericas". I too wear heavy lensed glasses - and no contacts due to a cornea transplant. My eyes are also two vastly different prescriptions - ahhh, old age :)
Had I bought from them, my two pair would have cost over $600.00 - and that did not involve designer frames. I was also told I have a difficult prescription.
Took my prescription to Walmart - 2 pair for just under $150.00 - photogray tint included - it was on special.
Glad to be back commenting - and did you miss me?
Broke my arm in 3 places 10 days ago, needed surgery and now a cast for weeks and weeks - yee-ouch:(


Ridiculous! Glad you are the smart consumer though.


Very poor service :( It sounds very crooked. We have every 2yr for adults and every year for children because children's eye change and then 80% coverage. Under 5 it's covered by the government.


Thank you for this review! We lost our vision insurance last year and my oldest son and I both need exams. He wants contacts & I know I am out of time & bifocal bound at last. (I've been putting it off for 2 years) My usual doc charges $75 an exam, no glasses included, so I've been considering the $70 with two glasses deal for myself. I didn't want to start over with a new doc on the contacts. Somehow I suspect those bifocals will make me 'difficult'. I guess I will do my usual of seeing our doc and taking the prescriptions to Wal Mart


Now that you have that info…


You're welcome. ;-)


I too am baffled by "Schmericka's Fest." I don't think we have them in my town.

I'm glad to hear another endorsement for buying glasses online. I have an eye doctor appointment (optometrist? ophthalmologist? I don't know but I'm bummed because I'm not seeing the cute young one) Thursday and really want both glasses and contacts this time around. My plan sounds better than yours, but this would still set me back probably around $400 if I bought them both at the office, so I'm looking to go the online route. The last time I bought glasses, subtle, minimalist frames were in, so I'm kind of excited about getting one of the more bold styles and actually wearing them during the day.


You are great! I have 10 children and I get comments all the time...I really need to come up with comebacks. I usually just smile and nod and go on my merry way!

Joanna @way2gomom

Wow! I'm glad I've never checked them out.I've thought about it, but I so rarely go to the bigger city near us that its never happened. That's crazy about the prescription, and I thought we had wild ones in my family!


Zenni optical. I bought glasses for 8 bucks. EIGHT DOLLAR GLASSES. They lasted me a couple of years, too.

Debbie Fites

We have the every two year insurance but I have the kids staggered so it helps. Just took my 10 year old to the eye doctor for her over due checkup and found out that she has high pressure in one or both eyes. he is going to recheck her in a week to be sure but if it were not to be under control by eye drops, then it could lead to glaucoma. Who would have thought an 10 year old would have high eye pressure?
I know and trust this eye doctor since we went to church with him.

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