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Enjoy your snow day! :)


Have fun with snowmaggedon!

becky d.

Where I am, we have had 8 snow days this school year. 7 since 2014 began. We won't finish until July if this continues...


I live in the UK, where half an inch of snow can close down the whole country almost, and we get snow most years but still it is chaos each time. Trains stop running, buses can't get up hills and people walk miles to get home. Ridiculous.

Enjoy the day at home, and relax!


I live in the northeast where snow is the reg. People still rush to the grocery store armageddon style every time snow is predicted. I don't think the media helps. It seems like every snowstorm is a major crisis according to them! January is almost over!!!!


I live in southern New England and can drive fairly well in the snow and am comfortable driving. The key is that the roads are sanded / salted and plowed. I would not venture out without these key pieces.

Katie Fleck

Hope you all survive and don't lose power! (Always my biggest worry)

Being from the Midwest (where it's currently 4 degrees and several inches of snow/ice on the ground), I'm fine driving in that kind of weather. BUT I get that for areas where snow is not normal, you all just don't have the equipment, salt, trucks, and man power to deal with it. I think Indy has put down 4 tons of salt on the roads this winter already. (Or some other crazy ass number) So I really try not to make too much fun of "OMG 1 inch of snow!" when it happens in non-snow areas of the country. Although the pics out of Atlanta overnight are kinda funny... (I'm going to hell)


Having grown up in the exact same city, I can recall several relatively recent sizable snowfalls...

There was the "Blizzard of '96." Eight inches and school was closed for three days. The experience was pretty much the most exciting thing that had happened in my life up to that point.

Around 10 years ago, I think there was around 6-8 inches at Christmastime. This was memorable because I didn't bring adequate clothes home from school, figuring it would be another 60-degree Virginia Beach Christmas.

Maybe 3 years ago, there was 10-12 inches the day after Christmas. Also memorable because I was ready to go Jack Torrance on my mother, and we almost RAN OUT OF COFFEE and had to drink what we gave each other for Christmas.

I don't live there anymore, but it seems like the substantial snowfalls have increased in frequency over the last 10 years or so.

One of the more interesting things about VB snowfall is it can vary widely throughout the city. I remember days when it would only be raining at my house, and school was closed because of ice or snow in the western/northern parts of the city.

I have to say, the rest of the state is even worse when it comes to closing schools, even though they get more snow.

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