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becky d.

Avatar, ruined a long bus ride...

Bridesmaids, just not what I expected...

Never tried Inception...

Titanic...guess what, it takes 3 hours for a boat to sink...that is the main movie I wish I had never seen...


I enjoyed Inception but I didn't understand it. It was just eye candy.

I napped through the $$$ 3D Avatar AND IT WAS WORTH IT TO GET A NAP.

I found Bridesmaids alternately sweet, hilarious, and painful, but overall liked it a lot.

I find Forrest Gump to be weird and unsettling.

I loved Elf the first time I saw it and hated it ever since.

I agree about Vince and would add Nic Cage to the list. I just don't get it. In Peggy Sue Got Married I thought his performance was awwwwwful. I also don't understand Jennifer Aniston in movies. I haven't yet seen a subtle understated performance (but I've also stopped trying).

When I was laid up for awhile I watched a ton of Dog Whisperer. Now I cannot understand why!

Sarah B.

Elf. Bloody hate that movie. And most things with Will Farrell.

The entire Fast & Furious franchise.

Requiem for a Dream. I couldn't even make it halfway through that one.


Oh Brother Where Are Thou? and The Producers. I don't get either of them and have fallen asleep or left the room when they're on. We have Inception in 3D and I sleep through that too. Have no idea what it's about. The others - eh, they're OK. I think you'll like The Butler when you see it!


I love Forrest Gump.

I didn't really get why people loved Titanic so much. I probably would have liked it more if they'd taken out the people shooting at each other as the boat was sinking, but I'm weird like that. I'll turn it on if it's on TV and there's absolutely nothing else on, but I can't imagine owning it and popping it in for a 3.5-hour adventure on a Saturday night.

Actually, I can ignore pretty much any movie that involves a lot of people shooting at each other or fast driving. Yawn.

I saw 12 Years a Slave, and I agree with the nominations. It's an interesting pick, because it's very well done and poignant and accurate, but it's not a movie anyone enjoys. I could barely sit through it once. I wanted to cover my eyes in some scenes.

I've only seen half of Avatar. It was fine, but I wasn't excited.

Elf is, again, fine, but not on my list of must-see Christmas movies.


Liked Elf...generally find Will Ferrell entertaining.
Anchor Man, though? Could not MAKE myself finish that film. As a matter of fact, about 20 minutes in, had to turn it off. Didn't even bother trying again.


My hubby and kids HATED American Hustle. I enjoyed it but do not think it deserved as many nominations/awards as it received, aside from Amy Adams, who was great. Oh, and Jennifer Lawrence.
As for the rest, I had no interest in seeing The Butler, or Philomena or the Disney one. None.
Inception is one that you just have to roll with it. I've seen it several times and every time I get something else out of it, understand it a little more. Avatar was just a crazy fantasy - my favorite part is that the wheelchair-bound main character (Jake?) is able to run and jump in his Avatar world. Imagine how wonderful that would be!!
I find the other characters' stories in Forrest Gump more interesting than Forrest, himself.
And lastly, I agree that Vince Vaughn is wildly overrated. Side note - he grew up in the same town as my family, was good friends with my brother and actually slept over once!!

Headless Mom

We have largely stopped going to movies. I cannot stand how expensive it is. I've maybe seen 10 movies in the last 10 years? I cannot even remember the last movie that I saw in the theater. HD and I have been looking at movies to see while our kids are doing a different activity, (for tonight, they'll be next to a theater,) and there is nothing we can agree on. Nothing. So I'll probably take them on my own and take a book and end up sitting in the car.

A super-long response instead of saying this: Movies, what?


Hated Titanic and Avatar. Actively dislike anything Jim Carey, Will Farrell and Vince Vaughn are in. I haven't been to the movie theater in two years. It's just too expensive to justify to me and if I'm spending money I'd rather it be on books.


Most heavily praised movie that I JUST TOTALLY DID NOT GET--Lost in Translation. I half expected the producer, director and cast to all pop up after the credits and yell "Psych!"


Totally did not get "The Fisher King" Everyone RAVED about it. I just didn't get it at all.
Also, "Castaway" I would rather clean the bathrooms than be forced to sit through that again.
"Bridesmaids" was disturbing, if only because so many people found it funny.
"Titantic" was awful, too.


Now I don't think I'll see American Hustle because you're opinion of movies is spot on mine. And I'm a professional dancer with no kids. Bridesmaids was just gross to me, Avatar was like "what the??" and Forrest Gump - I know it's supposed be inspirational or something but I think it's awkward. The Life Aquatic is the one movie that I so wish I could get my 2 hours of life back. I watched it in awe that something could be so stupid and probably cost millions of dollars to make. and my husband hates Jennifer Lawrence. He doesn't understand why everyone likes her lol!


I really believe some of the nominations are made just to annoy people. I will see none of the movies nominated because I know most of them were nominated just to annoy me. Okay, I did see Philomena and it annoyed me. I felt cheated and I love Judi Dench.

Nina Lombardi

Superbad! I literally thought "this is a complete waste of time" through the entire film. If I hadn't been with a group, I would have walked out.

I did really enjoy American Hustle! I am not a huge Jennifer Lawrence fan, but I thought she really knocked it out of the park!


I really loved August: Osage County, I want to see it again just to make sure I loved it. Julia usually annoys me to no end, but she did a fantastic job.

I disagree with you about ELF and agree with you in regards to poop humor. I do not understand why it is necessary.

Holli Weller

We saw Saving Mr. Banks the other day. Great movie!! Tom Hanks was perfect as Walt Disney. Never knew the origin of Mary Poppins.

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