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Marie Riemer

You are are awesome and one of my role models! I think you are just perfect the way you are, the naysayers can go find other uncool people to hang with!




I agreed with the previous commenter. You are perfect the way you are. Plus we have a lot in common. I really don't want to pet your dog, cuddle your cat, or play with your gerbil. I was told tonight I have a good heart, but have been called a bitch and worse. If we lived closer, if like to think we would be friends.


I don't think that there is any way to nail ourselves down. We are constantly changing, you weren't a mother or a step mom before you had kids? and you didn't know the kind of Mom you would be before it happened? I think as people we are constantly changinng.


We're good you and me. Though I like critters and chocolate. Can't do ballet to save my life and will kill for a cup of good coffee with half and half. I am most of those other things you mentioned - most of us are. And we are all individuals. That is mostly who you are - yourself.

Sarah B.

I was once told that I was the most eclectic person that someone had met. She was completely confused because I have tattoos and host afternoon teas, love to dance at clubs and cross-stitch. Enigmas are excellent, diverse people. We don't fit molds, though, and that's what causes some people to run away. Enjoy your status, and be you. It's all we can be, anyway, right?


I think you're awesome, if that helps.(Though I am a total animal lover and detest coffee.)

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