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Headless Mom

I think that's a great idea.

I've been struggling with what to do for lent as well. I think that I'm going to rededicate to reading my bible every day. I started in September, and while I'm still reading, it's not every day.

Just for reference, through the fall I did the entire new testament, revelation twice. Now I'm in the old testament. Leviticus and Numbers is hard, yo.


-->I'm giving up Diet Coke which means my unsweetened tea consumption is going up as we speak.

My husband is a "purger" and is always throwing stuff away or cleaning out a drawer. If I sat still long enough, he'd probably try to get rid of me.

I do like how much easier it is to clean when there's space in a closet or less stuff sitting on a desk or countertop.

Good luck!


We have a new priest, and his homily last night was great. He said Lent is not Catholic Weight Watchers - you should eat healthy for health, not religion. And no one wants to be around someone with chocolate or caffeine withdrawal, all in the name of God. He challenged us to adopt a habit instead. He also said the Bible talks of giving alms, but alms can be our personal gifts to others. Kind words to the checkout lady, an extra 30 seconds attention to a toddler, clutter (yep - you're on the right track) to someone less fortunate. I'm going to try to not worry about every.single.thing. and instead, let God take over. And I'm working on patience with my six kids. Because sometimes, I think the issues of an extra large family are more about giving my full attention to them, not the issue itself. I tend to put out fires, quickly and efficiently. I think I'm going to try to put away the matches instead, and not let the spark start.
It's worth a try.


I love 40 in 40. I need to do this! As a family, we have decided to use Lent to find and make joy. each day, each of us needs to write down on a post-it note one place we have found joy each day, and one way we have created joy for someone else. This is a super stressful time of year for me in terms of work, and I have one slightly aspie, not so good at social stuff kid, and another with lots and lots of anxiety/depression/glass-almost-empty-the-world-is-ending, so I am hoping this will be a healthy exercise for all of us.


I'm Still working on this but I am fishing it this year on Fridays. It's not the giving up for health i'm doing it's the lack of "fun" LOL I did though give up the diet soda. It started about 2wks into the new year. I had a bottle of diet p on the counte for about 4wks to remind me not to buy more and not drink it. It's gone! I am allowing myself when out at a restaurant.
I do not like fish that much, I need to sleep in less on Sundays.


I'm not even Catholic and I'm in. And unfortunately can probably come up with 40 bags in just the garage and 2 bedrooms... And now, I'm headed to my closet to move something out. Hmmm... I wonder how many bags will fill up the back part of my van (only the middle seat is installed right now).

I might even be able to get 40/40 in books alone. My husband is going to be SO pleased (since most of it will be MY stuff).


Even with Lent being later this year, I really felt like BOOM! it's Ash Wednesday due to being in the ER Tuesday night with one of my kids (all is well, thankfully). Giving up soda, trying to make daily mass the days my daughter goes to preschool, and the 40 days bag challenge. I feel as if I could have written the part about the house and clutter word for word. Six people in a smaller home + a four year-old who can wreak the havoc of a class three hurricane in minutes = chaos more often than not.


I like the idea of 40 bags in 40. I like it way more than folding laundry, which IMHO is kind of trivial. Your kids are old enough now that if they really want their laundry folded promptly, they can do it themselves :)

I am giving up alcohol consumption again. Candy would be the hardest thing for me, and I have to admit I just don't have the strength to do that. Alcohol is tough, though. I give it up to prove to myself that I can and that there are other ways of relaxing without a drink.

The concept of "Happy Ash Wednesday" is really interesting, as I was raised to believe Lent is about the strength gained in suffering and sacrifice. Perhaps there is happiness in that? But if you're finding happiness, are you really suffering?


Being Mormon, we don't do Lent, however, I love the idea of giving up something or doing something to improve oneself. And I have a lot of friends who observe Lent, so I have joined them for the last 5 years.

This I came across 40 bags in 40 days, so I am joining up with you. So far so good, but I think I will be doing more than 40, which is okay.


I ALWAYS say I'm going to give up soda, its the easiest thing to do since I hardly drink the stuff to begin with. My goal for this lent is to yell less- between work and all these snow days my 3 year old has REALLY been testing my patience..But my husband would really appreciate the 40 bags in 40 days- is it cheating if I already have 10 yet to be donated bags?


I don't have 40 bags worth of things to declutter since I usually declutter twice a year, but I have put off going through my keeper shelves of books and so will be doing that this time. For some reason lent tends to sneak up on me and I never know what I can do.

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