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We don't have smartphones so just the tv and ipad!

One Frugal Girl


One Frugal Girl

My son uses my iPad and iPhone.

Katie M

My kids each have ipads that they received through school (I guess they are just borrowing them for the school year), and they each have their own phones. Right now, we have 2 computers (1 laptop and 1 desktop) and 2 TVs (one in the basement for games and DVDs, and one in the family room for public TV and DVDs) that are shared by everyone.

Katie M

I tweeted! https://twitter.com/carrotrunr/status/447370180050444288

Heather S

My kiddos have their own (iPad mini & iPod touch) we also have a shared family computer :)

Heather S


Misty Lunceford

My older kids have their own kindles. My younger ones use mine to play educational games on.

Misty Lunceford

tweeted: https://twitter.com/mistymarie34/status/448603420749221888

Rebecca Graham

We have been sharing my iPad.


My daughter has a Nook tablet that is all hers (she mostly uses it to read and watch the occasional rainbow loom video), but she sometimes borrows my Nexus 7 as well. Plus we have a laptop that everyone uses.


My son plays with my samsong tablet .


My kids use my ipad for videos and games in an allotted time. They also use my phone.

tara pittman

My three share a Kindle and our laptop with us with password protection.


My kids all have an iPod touch that they use a lot. They also have a Kindle that they share.


tweeted: https://twitter.com/KerryBishop/status/454076098653872128


they share our iphones, kindle fire, wii, and computers

Denise S

My kids use a desktop PC for games and homework.
lazybones344 at gmail dot com


My kids each have their own iPhone and laptop. Two of them also have their own tablets. They are teenagers.


My son currently uses an inexpensive tablet. :)

Janice Cooper

We share the ipad and laptop

Janice Cooper



I don't have kids, but my niece has her own Android Tablet.


My niece (I don't have kids) owns her own iPad but our family only lets her use it to play educational games. We also limit her time with it to one hour a day if she does all her chores. She shares it with the rest of the family.


Used to use the family iPad, but recently abandoned it...

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