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I, too, harbor a strong dislike for February, and yes, it seemed to pass in a blur this year. The warm days are becoming more frequent, and daylight is extending well past the "getting home from work" hour. For the grownups, March will be filled with spring cleaning, a garage sale, and the beginnings of yard work. The youngest in our family will be traveling to Europe for a week in Paris and Barcelona, and return home to prepare for her dance team's Spring Show and the looming AP exams. The next few weeks will be a whirlwind of activity, and with the threat of storms Sunday night, the indoors and the outdoors should synchronize perfectly.


Although February has a great deal of loss and reminders in it for us, it also contains my birthday and celebrations of other people I like so it averages out. I personally don't care for the short months and would rather they all extend to a minimum of 30 days as it just messes with my mind to lose those days, even if it's minimally.
I start the weekend with great intentions...we don't have the crew you do but I still spend a fair amount of time scaling Mount Laundry, assorted house projects/improvements, keeping up with two businesses and a rental house and soon the yard will shift out of it's lovely dormant state and weed fighting becomes a weekly, full time side job.

What I find makes a huge difference is the time change. The lighter hours into the evening, the more I get done during the week which makes the weekend sometimes luxurious and I might not set the alarm until 7 a.m.

Hang in there! Some day, it will be boring. Some ..day....?


Carmen, you can be such an entertaining and thought provoking writer when you choose to be. But lately it seems your blog has so many posts that are thinly disguised complaints about how hard your life is. Is this your intent? It goes without saying that having six kids was going to be a very taxing endeavor, and that adding a job to the mix would make things even more difficult. But you chose all this, and surely none of the implications could have surprised you. Blogging about how you manage to organize a complex life, how you squeeze in bread baking and books, how things go hilariously wrong sometimes--terrific. Blogging about your reflections on kids and life--great. Blogging about how overwhelmed and exhausted you are--eh. An occasional vent is everyone's right. And hey, it's your blog, you can write whatever you like and I'm free to stay or go. But I have to wonder if this is really what you want Mom to the Screaming Masses to be.

Karen Z

Carmen - This has been a very long winter. I live in the northeast and we are all very ready for spring. Since you mentioned pedi - I think I will get one this weekend. My toes don't look too pretty after being cooped up in boots all winter. Thanks for the tip. Spring is bound to come!

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