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I was never too big on science, aside fromlearning about critters, growing up either but then I somehow became a science teacher and I LOVED it! Taught it for 3 years and cant wait to go back.

As an adult, I really enjoy 'Scientific American' and 'Discover' magazines...

The Air & Space center in Hampton is always cool and they have something called STEM Saturdays. Jefferson Lab in Newport News generally has stuff, but their website isnt loading for me right now. NASA website has a kids club section and has some cool things on it, it also has a list of different projects/programs that they offer. I'll bve on the lookout for some other thigns and send them your way!


I'm also not a math or science person and ma raising two kids who excel at those subjects. I foresee a future full of employment for them. My history degree got me exactly nowhere.

There are lots of perky blogs full of rainbows that can make some people feel good, but I get queasy and cynical reading them. I don't believe anyone is showing much truth on those happy happy joy joy blogs.

I much prefer your honest style. I hope you never let people who think your blog is a downer sway your writing style and content.


I can honestly say that you're one of the blogs that I've been reading for the longest times AND one of the only blogs that I ever comment on. As far as I am concerned, life sometimes stinks and thats just the way it is. I love your blog and hearing your stories. Please keep writing!


I want you to know that I eagerly read each and every blog post you write. Life is not all rosy, unicorn farting glitter, rainbowish events, reflections. I have a bunch of kids, with all sorts of issues, and if I have a less than stellar day, and I complain, people are likely to tell me I chose this (I am a foster parent), and tell me to stop if it's so hard. So, when I read your posts about struggling, it makes me realize that everybody struggles. Sometimes you struggle for a day, sometimes for an extended period. It's okay. Please keep posting. Your blog is real life. As women, we need to support our sisters wherever they are.


1) Perhaps something for a bit further in the distance, depending upon the age of your science-minded one, but your kid might be interested in one of the NCSSSMST schools for high school (see http://www.ncsssmst.org/about-ncsssmst/member-organizations/institutional-members; not sure where you are). I can't speak for all of them, but the one I went to was a sort of magnet/public (free!)/boarding school that strongly supported math and science. Something to think about, though definitely a bigger-conversation sort of thing.

2) I'd rather see honesty in a blog than false cheer, but in any case, it's your blog and your call what to write about. Nobody's forced to read here.


I am still stunned at the things people do and say. Since when is it your responsibility to make other people happy with "your" blog??? It smacks to me of the same mantra of pull yourself up by your bootstraps and stop being depressed. That is utterly ridiculous! I am sorry that you have mean people who do not have any common sense and empathy. Life is hard and just because you have 6 kids does not negate your right to complain and be overwhelmed. The insanity of that idea just makes me crazy. I love your blog, just the way it is. Hang in there friend!

Ann Woodruff

Love what you post here because it is REAL. Please keep it coming, whatever it is for you, because I believe it helps others who are struggling. Honesty is important in life. Thank you, Carmen, for keeping it real here.


I think also just making observations and asking questions about the world around you is going to add science opportunities - like - when you're going to the beach, looking at the high tide/low tide times over the course of a few days and see the patterns and then see if it happens at slightly different times at the different beaches in your area. Then when you are at the beach - is the tide closer to high or low and what is the beach like at that time.

Sometimes science is just in how you're looking at the world.


Carmen. I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!! You are smart, honest, and an excellent writer. I do not find your writing depressing....if anything your writing helps me process my own life/world which is a good thing. THANK YOU and THANK YOU again. I feel deeply for your suffering and wish it would all go away, but that is not real life and in many but much smaller ways, my life experiences have been similar to yours this last year. Death, husband's critical illness/surgery/long recovery, work, relationships, money, fatigue, depression.....there you have it. As far as your son's genious science streak.....there are excellent science shows on public television that my kids enjoy. Take care and God bless you!!


Carmen, your writing reflects what is real in life, the good and the bad. Keep writing. It lets us all know that we are not alone. Take care of yourself. Thank you.


I have absolutely no issues with your blog. They reflect your life and there is nothing wrong with that.


Love your blog just the way it is. I never understand the kind of comment you received - why complain to somebody about their blog rather than just stop reading? Well, anyway, for the science-y kid, I have a few suggestions.
* Online, try Khan Academy and Hour of Code for some free, fun geekery. Teachers often know of sites that have other fun activities related to curriculum.
* Ask about "the most interesting thing" about the current science lessons, from your kids' perspective. As they share, you see what lights their fire and they are organizing facts in a new way as a teacher. I only had three kids, but did this often in the car to review all subjects, not just science.
* Mythbusters, baby. The T.V. show has companion "science fair" books that connect their type of investigation to the scientific method and things you can do at home, many of which are just plain fun.
* Science Museums are also great places for people with a lot of and a little science interest to find common ground.
* Biographies of great scientists bridge the gap to other subjects and also give insight into potential life paths.
* If child starts to feel different or isolated for what they love, check out the online Nerdfighters community, and DFTBA. (Don't forget to be awesome.)


I am so glad you don't write about rainbows and unicorns. Many of my friends have infants and toddlers, and this is what I see on Facebook all. day. long:
"One mom sent in non-organic granola bars to Olive's preschool class. They have 7 grams of sugar each, and we're really trying to avoid that kind of junk. Thoughts on what to say to her?"
"Worried because Chloe still isn't reading, and she's starting kindergarten in the fall. Should we hold her back?"
"Look at the wonderful picture Colin drew me! Being a mom is the best job I ever had."

Thank you for not being like that.


Science I cannot help with in any way. Kudos to you and your shortie for finding that passion and fueling it.

Always be honest. No unicorns pooping rainbows here. This shit is real. Keep it that way.


I wonder what amazing lack of empathy prompts someone to write to a total stranger to tell them to "deal with it." I wonder if you touched a nerve without them realizing it? In any case, your blog is great and I enjoy reading how you really are.


No need to apologize. If people are bummed out they can stop reading. I've always appreciated your honesty here and it helps to know that there are people out there that can voice the things one cannot.


I check your blog every day and love that you don't make your life, house, kids seem perfect and idyllic!
If that person wants rainbows and perfectness and unicorns that poop glitter, they can go elsewhere!! In my humble opinion. :-)
Keep on keeping on, Momma Carmen! You're doing good.


Well that was my comment Carmen was referring to, except for the fact that she misrepresented much of what I had to say. I never said "Deal with it." I don't write that rudely, but if Carmen read it that way, it's because she's coming from a really defensive place. (And rainbows and unicorns are not desired whatsoever.) I simply pointed out that the blog had taken a turn away from its prior more interesting tone to a lot of "oh woe is me" posts and that Carmen might want to take a step back and think about whether that's really the direction she wants to travel. And if it is, that's fine. And maybe some people like these kind of posts because it makes them feel better about their own lives. But I just don't have the patience for it. Happy trails, all.


judgmental much janyll? it's not woe is me... it's her life. and her blog. she can write about what she wants. and as her readers, we can make the choice to come here and read it or not. personally i am still enjoying it. thanks for taking the time to write and share your life with us...


It astounds me that people complain about something they read voluntarily. January and February sucked a$$ for a lot of people I know. Sometimes it helps to out it out there to share ... dissipates it. Thank goodness it's March and spring is fast approaching. Rock on Carmen!


Carmen, I appreciate your honesty. I read blogs for the real. Keep telling your truth!

Karen Z

I love that your blog is honest. Some people need to realize if they don't have anything nice to say - maybe they shouldn't say anything at all.


I wanted to curse (which I very seldom do... and it's pretty mild at that). Your blog is a window to your thoughts and feelings. You've censored it somewhat in order to protect/not upset those who shall not be named. But we can read between the lines. Grief manifests itself in many ways and despair does not just go away.

Gradually you will begin to remember all the things you did do when caring for your now deceased family members. I am very sure that at the time, you were doing all you could and if you consider karma or predestination ... all that was to be done.

After a while you'll remember the happy times more often than the sad. Please don't beat yourself up over what didn't get done. Sometimes there is just the fact that it wasn't supposed to happen. I have a friend who died of a brain tumor. (Yes, I intentionally said have ... because she is still my friend and I talk to her in my thoughts and at times out loud.) She was smart, caring, loving, and wonderful. Her boys and husband loved her to the moon and back. Her friends were legion.

She thought she had a sinus infection. It wasn't. She had radiation, chemo. Brain surgery x 3. Got accepted for an out-of-state trial that only 6 people were considered for and 2 actually received. That experimental treatment reduced the tumor by 2/3rds and eliminated 2 others... leaving only the smallest of 6 tumors they found. The day they gave her those results, she had a stroke, was sent from the hospital/treatment program to a nursing home. After a week, the nursing home said they could do nothing more for her, the stroke left her condition too poor to be considered for further experimental studies and she wasn't responding to rehab. Insurance immediately notified her husband they wouldn't cover her stay in the nursing home now. On the drive back from California to her home (going through Canada) she died. It wasn't supposed to happen. She was getting better. She had so much more living to do and we all miss her so much. But now I can look back and see that she physically was ready to leave that poor body. And I and everybody else needed to realize that and rejoice about the time we had. Her husband said they spoke of what death would be like and she said she had a good life and love and was happy to have been in her grand-children's daily lives. She said she wanted to participate in this experimental treatment even if it didn't cure her because it was an opportunity to help drs learn more in order to help others.

Knowing her was precious and there were so many great moments in my life (and others) that she brought. There will never be another minute with her, but now I can look at her sons, their wives,the grandsons, granddaughter, and the newest granddaughter who was born the day of her funeral/wake and I see her legacy of love.

There is a cycle to life. It is not all rainbows and unicorns, the rest of it helps you appreciate those rare moments when it is. I hope you find peace. I wish I could share some with you. It helps me to focus on something positive every day. (It's doesn't have to be huge, just positive. Today's joy is the 100% on my last test. Tomorrow's may be that the tub is finally fixed... but that will be balanced by the newly broken glass on the french door... from the out-of-state company... that we can't just get another piece of glass for... we have to order it from Canada and pay shipping/import fees etc. At least it is now above zero here.... and I just happen to have $ tucked away that I'm hoping will cover the entire purchase.) Yin and Yang... the scale shifts from one side to the other all the time. XXOO Yr fan girl.


I have a science geek. The only thing I do for him is to ask him all the science questions I never really got answered - he enjoys telling me what he knows and it gives him practice communicating what he knows. Also, when he was 12, I introduced him to the website Python Is Fun, that teaches kids how to program in Python. My geek took it from there.


Life is full of twists and turns.
Science, I started doing almost all science in High School with an eye to Science in University. It started well, but then I saw business, and started doing that too. I don't think I ever realized how hard it would be once I got there. I also didn't realize where it would lead me. I didn't have a direction. With a solid direction? Science is awesome. Hubbie is Tech science with a minor in Math and Music. directions, lots of directions.

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