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becky d.

CONGRATS!!!!!!! What an honor! And to be barely starting high school and knowing 3 instruments -- WOW!


That's fantastic, Carmen. Kudos to you for raising a son who has the perseverance to take it to the next level. Really happy for you and yours.


That is absolutely fantastic. CONGRATULATIONS!!!


Great news! Congratulations to the little dude! I also think you need to check out an oldie but goodie...Fatboy Slim's Weapon of Choice video on Utube...with the one and only Christopher Walken.I had forgotten about this one, great song, great moves!


Congratulations to him! Woo hoo!

Karen Z

Great news - put a big smile on my face today.


I cry way more often than you, as you know... so you know I got all choked up when I read this. Had to dry my eyes a bit to type this. CONGRATULATIONS GABE!
So proud of him- how exciting!!!

Katherine Ormson

Congrats to your son! My husband played the tuba in HS and as an 8th grader was asked to go along with the band and play in the bicentennial parade in Philadelphia. They needed enough tubas to spell out the school name on the bells and he got to go along and be the A! One of his all time favorite memories.

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