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Jackie Parker

Wonderful story Carmen. That accident was so tragic with the loss of life. I felt your dread of that road. As always your shorties added just the right amount of humor. Now every time I see or eat wheat thins I will think of the ocean!

Headless Mom

The ocean. You know? I live about an hour from the pacific and I'm lucky if I get there once a year, maybe twice.

Saltwater cures many ills.


Oh, I am so sorry! A good reminder not to take our days for granted...


I am so sorry to hear about your friend. This sent chills up my spine because my childhood friend/neighbor died on that same road about 10 days before she did. My mom found out about that when reading about your friend's accident in the paper.

Life sucks a lot of the time, and these things seem to come in spurts.


I applaud your strength in taking your shorties regardless of what had happened. What a tragedy - I can't even imagine. Good reminder that life goes on. Not meaning to be glib - honestly in admiration.

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