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Hang in there! I'm feeling the same way these days, even though I only have two munchkins (and a puppy). This weekend we'll be re-organizing the house and I'll be doing some much-needed cleaning in my bedroom so it stops being the catch-all location for things that have no home.


aaaaaaand a big thank you for ghost writing my guest post for your blog today! It turned out great! HA
Drowning. In a cesspool of S-T-U-F-F!! And yes, no one wants to pick it up- unless we do to GET RID OF IT lol
glub glub

Karen Z

Go for it Carmen - some days it is an uphill battle but I do feel good when I get rid of clutter. I just wonder why it keeps coming back!

suburbancorrespondent, who can't keep a refrigerator tidy to save her life

The paper is going to KILL me. I mean it. And I totally hear you about the refrigerator.

Emily C

Amen! I feel this particularly keenly today. We are moving in one month and are too cheap to spring for a moving van so unless it fits in the car or is easy to ship out it must go!


We need an update! How is it going? Facing this same issue here.

Headless Mom

KG is cracking me up!

I'm feeling this way too. However I have a few larger fires to put out first. (Excuse the pun. Especially since our mountain is on fire this week. Ahem.) #1 on the list? Pay bills. Blech.


OH my, my house is exactly the same right now. It is driving me crazy. However, NONE of it is my stuff, or the kids. It is my HUSBAND'S. One of these days my head is going to explode all over his piles of garbage.


I see you clutter and raise you rocks... rocks all over the living room floor, blocking the ability to raise the blinds on the living room windows easily, collecting dust/dirt and sometimes spiderwebs. And because of the multiplier factor, there are also rocks in 5/6th of the atrium next to the fireplace they are supposed to be on too. (And half of the remaining 1/6th of the atrium area is full of the tile saw for the master bathroom.) Yes, we've been in the house for almost four years now (June is close) and the master bath and masonry fireplace are not finished. I have threatened to bring bookshelves in to get the rocks off the horizontal plane into the vertical plane. (Or throw them out into the yard with the other rocks he collected for the fireplace.) He thinks I'm joking. I'm not.

In his defense, he does wash windows, and sweeps every day, and 8 out of 10 times he's the one who vacuums. And he buys flowers for his father who is in the hospital.

In my defense, I'm not trying to straighten it all up at once. I just made a rule that if I walk into a room, I have to put 4 things away (and once I've done that I can't feel guilty about what isn't done in that room). It's working somewhat... (I feel like the hamster in the glass tubes running from one section to the next and back again.)


I always handled that over-cluttered feeling by taking those massive piles of junk and bagging them up and hiding them in the garage for a few days. If any of my kids could recognize what was missing and ask me for it, I would retrieve it for them. If not, I kept the bags for a week or two and then hauled it off for donation. Interestingly, only once did I ever get anything out of the bag for one of them!

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