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I've never seen Breaking Bad. I think it would stress me out.

I've never been to the opera, but I spent most of my childhood in the Metropolitan Opera House.

I've never learned another language. The closest I've come is two years of Latin and some sign (but it was pidgin signed English, not ASL, so it isn't a language).

I don't have a degree.

I've never broken a bone. (That's not entirely true. I've broken both pinky toes, but I've never gone to a doctor for a broken bone.)

I've never been arrested.

I've never been a bridesmaid.


I've never SKY dived or bungee jumped ( I would literally die), never watched Downton Abby or Game of Thrones.
No tats.
Never touched a cigarette to my lips-but have drank my weight in wine and vodka, BUT only after I turned 21. I'm a goody two shoes that way!
Didn't have sex til I was married (and dated my high school sweetheart husband for 5 years- again, the goody 2 shoes thing)
I guess I'm a "play it safe kind of gal.


Sorry, still gasping over the fact that you haven't read the Harry Potter books. And you were raising your kids in the thick of the craze, as it were! Was it on purpose?

Also, I have finally lost my Dr. Who virginity. It is really fun to watch with the teenagers.


I've never read Harry Potter either, any of them. I've never broken anything more than a toe. I've never gotten a tattoo. Not that I don't like them myself, but my kids would not like it and that means everything to me. I've never tried a drug stronger than Marijuana. I've never driven a motorcycle - ridden, yes, and loved it, but not driven.


Oh, and sky diving? Hells no!! I am terrified of flying AND heights, so that is a big, fat no.


Hhmm, interesting. I've done a lot, but here goes.

I've never broken a bone; I've never gotten a cavity; I've never gone sky diving, bungee jumping or done scuba; I've never had kids or even been pregnant; I've never been arrested. And, I have to say, I don't plan on doing any of those things, with the exception perhaps of scuba some day.

Otherwise, I'm pretty ok with the things I have done!


I've never been to a drive in movie. I've never gotten drunk. I've never been pulled over by a cop. I've never gotten a tattoo or eaten a Twinkie or gone to Europe. I don't think I would ever scuba dive or sky dive.


I've never watched a lot of the shows everyone else does. I don't like watching TV much. Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones, Dr. Who or Breaking Bad — never saw them, don't want to see your Facebook posts or listen to lengthy convos about them on Monday morning in the office. (Yeah, everyone at work loves me.)

Never got a tattoo and probably never will. Many, including yours, are beautiful and tasteful and meaningful, but it's not my thing.

Never played Candy Crush.

Would like to but haven't yet: Travel abroad, go sky diving.


I've never driven a stick, seen an episode of Glee, tried any illegal drugs, given birth naturally or worn makeup.

Momof4 (now 5)!

Hmm, well, I have skydived, parasailed, rappeled (in the Rockies), scuba-dived in the Virgin Islands, drove a race car at Dover Racetrack, and a few other things.

I have NEVER gotten a tattoo, to afraid of needles! No smoking of any type here, EVER.

Nobody of Consequence

It's hard to think of anything I haven't done that most people have... Let's see, I've never Twittered, I opened a facebook page but have never posted anything to it. I don't have a blog, and I tend to stay away from too many in an attempt to keep from spending my entire life online. I've flown numerous planes (fom the pilot's seat) in multiple countries, and jumped out of many of them too; but I haven't been to space. I've met numerous ambassadors, a prime minister and even protected the president, but noone of royalty. I've snorkled and been scuba diving in multiple oceans and seas. Sailed a boat for a couple of summers, but not out into the oceans, nor have I parasailed. I got my tattoos back when it wasn't the in thing to do so, and I've been fighting hard to not get any more since they are incredibly adictive. I've seen many ballets, plays and operas; yet I've never learned to dance. I speak a few languages, but can't seem to say the right things to members of the opposite sex. There are still numerous things on my to-do list, and with luck I'll keep checking the list until my last breath...

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