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When we were in high school my sister sometimes taped lists of Latin vocab to the outside of the (glass-walled) shower. She claimed it helped!

Mind, this same sister used to *read* in the shower (one hand for washing, one hand for book), so I'm not sure I'd trust her on that. Had to stop lending her books because inevitably some of them got damaged.


I think it's a brilliant idea! Where did you get it?

Mary, momma to 4 teens :) (and 6 others)


That's fun. I don't like it as purely a test tool, but I like being able to read in all places. I'd like one of these.


I love it! I once taught a kid who had learning difficulties. His mom called and asked what she could do to help with learning addition facts. She said that he knew all of his sums of 7, and she couldn't figure out why those were the ones he had learned. I laughed because he sat right in front of the poster of the sevens! The poor child looked at it every day and had it memorized.... :) It made me realize that I needed to rotate my learning posters more frequently!


Maybe this says something bad about me, but I actually love it, both for the reading and the quirkiness of how it looks. Where did you get it?


Where did you find this? :D


I like it, and I want one! Where did you find it?

Maybe if you didn't use the word "SAT" when describing it and just told your kids it was shower entertainment, they'd be more open to it? Then again, I also love it when colleges tape their newsletters to the back of the stall doors in the bathroom.


Love it! Seriously going to try to find one!!!

Karen Z

I love it - I wish I had done that for my kids!

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