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Since you have heard this announcement on planes before, it really isn't a weird request. Apparently, some airlines ARE more considerate than others. And I thought the aiIrlines stopped serving peanuts at least a decade ago - I remember it's being in the news and people arguing about it. Have they started serving them again?

I would ask to speak with someone else in charge at the airline. You may have just run into a not very smart person there.


Your kid's right to LIVE trumps someone else's right to eat something on an airplane. If they can't refrain, they're too immature to be flying. I'm honestly surprised the airline isn't bending over backwards to accommodate you on this...after all, this is a litigious society now and they know they'd be on the losing end.


I've heard of airlines doing things to keep people with food allergies safe. I would write a letter or something to the head office. It should be important for them to do. Trying to make a flight "peanut free" is less trouble than having someone have an in flight medical emergency. People also need to be more considerate and not so easily annoyed. It's not something to take lightly.


I am a mom as well as a nurse. You are advocating for your children and have taught them to advocate for themselves. This goes far beyond food allergies and safety....you are giving them valuable tools to manage their lives. WEll DONE!!!


I have witnessed people eating nuts on an airplane minutes after being specifically asked not to. As the mother of two nut-allergic kids, I was disappointed but certainly not shocked. Some people are rude and inconsiderate, and the rest are just clueless. Good luck.


Airlines quit doing that years ago. The problem is that the airline can not enforce the "no peanuts" rule on passengers who bring their own. There can be nut allergens/oils anywhere on the plane.

The issue was because the announcements were made people threatened to sue the airlines for not forcing passengers to not bring their own peanuts aboard. With severe allergies it is not that simple. Someone could have eaten peanut butter at home and not brushed their teeth or transferred from another airline that did offer peanuts. There is ABSOLUTELY NO way to enforce a peanut free zone with the public on an airplane.

That being said I have not flown any airline recently that offered peanuts or any nuts as a snack. Most offer pretzels or chips (if anything). The major carriers only offer snacks/meals for purchase nowadays.

There is nothing wrong with asking passengers not to eat them if they pull them up. I will tell you right now the gate agent will only reiterate the policy and apologize for the inconvience. Same thing with flight attendants.


I flew on Delta 10 days ago and was offered a choice of peanuts or pretzels. I was actually excited to see the choice, since my daughters have celiac and can't eat the pretzels! But, I don't have to deal with epi pens and anaphylactic shock, and I know that's a huge difference. I would try again -- if you are willing to be polite and flexible you may get a different answer from a different person.


I am glad you posted this. On the last flight I took, I bought a snack with peanuts in the airport gift shop and ate it on the plane. I didn't think anything about it. I won't do that again.

I can't believe this airline couldn't accommodate you. With a growing number of diagnosed food allergy cases, it's in their best financial interest. Wonder if it is a liability thing, but it seems like a simple waiver could take care of that.


You are wrong if you want to tell me that peanuts aren't offered on any flights any more. Four flights this weekend. Four offers of peanuts. Eight flights last month - six offers of peanuts.

They are most definitely still offered.


Death is not an option. I went today and looked up our largest Canadian company to get some info and while their snacks are sold vs given they do still do the nut thing. I can remember being on flights where they were no longer sold but I mentioned this to hubbie (mr mushroom death watch) and he said "no the last few flights I've been on while nut free sold nuts in the air port so they can't really control it". But oh the list of requests offered? that was huge... I can't imagine how much these alternatives cost.
Asian vegetarian meal
Baby meal
Bland meal
Children's meal
Diabetic meal
Fruit plate meal
Gluten intolerant meal
Hindu meal
Kosher meal
Low-calorie meal
Low fat meal
Low lactose meal
Low salt meal
Muslim meal
Vegetarian meal (non-dairy)
Vegetarian meal (lacto-ovo)
Vegetarian oriental meal
but I can see how it would be hard to produce. they took lettuce out a few years ago to save $, apparently saved them a million in expenses as most people leave the lettuce behind. But they can't save the airport taxes? Flight up here is monster expensive.


ERMAHGERD!! That's awful. When I flew with my kids to San Diego and back when my son was two, we had an interesting exoeruebce ib the way home. (At the time peanut allergies were only just beginning to be as common as they are now). The flight attendants were nice enough to let him wander the aisle a little bit, since it is such a long flight. He was standing near an elderly woman who he seemed to be enjoying and who seemed to be enjoying him. After a while, I called him to me. He spit out a HUGE mouthful of peanuts into my hand!!! First of all, I couldn't imagine what had possessed this woman to give another person's child food; also peanuts, when he was two; also can you imagine what a nightmare it would have been if he had been allergic!! Talk to everyone - don't be afraid.


*experience on* - what the heck was autocorrect after??

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