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Adventurous. From what I've read, you'll try about anything, ha ha! For me--practical, which is sometimes good....sometimes not. I wish I were more fun loving and care free sometimes.


From reading your blog-I would say "busy"! :)

Me? Content.


Articulate = You

Calm = Me


For you I would pick strong. To my mind, it encapsulates so much, from what you're able to do as you face your life each day, and how you handle the obstacles that come up sometimes.


I don't think I can pick one word for you, but the ones that come to mind are organized, fierce, steadfast, determined, and flexible. For myself I think most people would say sarcastic.


Interesting. :)

Emily C

For you?
Overworked, girl.

For me?

In medical terms it means the doctors can't explain it. That's my life--I cannot always explain why I do what I do, and neither can my husband, but we put up with it because that's how it is!

Karen Z

For you - inspirational
For me - overextended volunteer ( I know two words!)

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