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Simone DeMorro

Dear Carmen - tell your children that an old lady in CT thinks they are very lucky to have you as a mother! Keep up the good lessons and enjoy every minute. Too soon they are grown and gone. Have a wonderful summer.


So I just read an article (clickbait, really) and wanted to add something...

Dear Carmen's kids,
Do what you love, not what will make you rich. Don't let articles like http://www.salary.com/8-college-degrees-with-the-worst-return-on-investment/ sway you. Some of the jobs listed in that article are the most important ones for a well-functioning society that I can think of. I majored in the #1 major on that list and live quite decently, even if I don't have a BMW, and I actually enjoy my work and usually don't stress about work in my down time. Do what you love.


Thank you so much for these pearls of wisdon. You put into words what has been juggling around in my have been completely unable to articulate.

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