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becky d.

The first letter makes me sad. It happens all the time with so-called friends. :(


That so-called prank for your 41st birthday makes me so angry. What the bleepety bleep stupidity was that? I am so sorry that anybody would think to do that to anybody, let alone you. Thank you for sharing that with your readers. What a vulnerable place to put yourself. I really like the subjects you write to your children about. I wish my parents had thought to tell me that I am worthy enough to be treated with respect.


These are epic Carmen. I can see a collection of letters, essays here for publication. Don't discard them. They are quite meaningful and relevant.

Karen Z

I can't believe those people did that to you! Who raised them to be so mean?


I'm so pissed about your Birthday, so very very disrespectful. I'm so very sorry that someone would think this is a good idea? Why why why? And these people are suppose to be adults? I can't even express how sad that makes me for the world.


Shocked at the cruel rudeness of those people. NO ONE deserves that. Not even jerks like themselves. Belated birthday hugs for you my virtual acquaintance who I'm sure would be a lovely IRL friend.

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