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Ouch! I think I saw that article maybe 4-5 clicks ago on this very internet visit. Look at it this way, you may have been one of the last couples to ever do that? Yay? Let's try not to see any symbolism if they come through and saw them all off.

Shannon Entin

I still think it's romantic, but maybe not on a bridge. In Lovelock, NV, there is a town square with an area specifically set up for locks. It's nice - and won't cause a bridge to collapse.


Ha! So much for romance!


I did not see that coming Carmen! What a funny thing...who knew?

Karen Z

I still think it was romantic!


You KNOCKED DOWN a bridge?! Wow, that's sort of impressive.


Just last week my husband and I put a lock on Pont des Arts while we were in Paris -- there were lots of street vendors selling locks and passing sharpies to inscribe on them. Who knew it was a hazard? Well, our love will last even if the bridge won't. :)


I read something about the Paris problem being political, that it wasn't really the locks that caused the problem. I wish I could find it, but it said that some people believed that the bridge had been sabotaged and the locks blamed when really they hadn't caused the damage.


It is not a romance fail ever! There is no way a lock of that size + others could collapse a bridge. It sounds more like some political person doesn't want to deal with people getting scratched or something equally silly. I think what you and Mr. Masses did was beautiful. Miss you


Romance fail my foot! This was awesome!!
The pics are priceless- I love that after 20+ years we can still act like newlyweds with our spouses now & then!

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