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Sarah B.

Well, I've been homeschooling, but this was my last year. The last week of school, I sat on the couch and said, "Just… um… do something educational-ish."

Yup. It's universal.


Sarah B., I feel you! My son finished the year on "homebound instruction" as he was too sick to be in school. He finished all of the curriculum for his grade and started the next grade's curriculum, but lost interest when he found they wouldn't let him skip ahead to high school next year so he wasn't "getting credit" for the work. He had surgery 4/1 and again 4/17 and was in the hospital for over a week the second time. So, his last month of school I termed "Independent Study Multi-Media Development" which means he set up his own Minecraft server and administered it, then set up a YouTube channel to post videos of his game play and a web page to donate money to his server. While I "supervised" ahem. I documented his attendance and accomplishments as his school work and so far the district has not called B.S. on me. Carmen, this is me with ONE child. I bow to your superior constitution. My sister-in-law just told her two sons' teachers (1st and 4th)today that they will be missing the entire last week of school next week because she misread the school calendar and planned their vacation to start this weekend. Not sure how that went!


Somehow 3 back to back business trips for my hubby (and one for me) have managed to fall in the last 2 weeks of school for my son. And preschool graduation for my daughter (who needs that? really? In my day, you graduated high school and college and that was that!) and end of LAX year picnic (that was tonight, at least I didn't have to feed the children, but I got an email from the LAX coordinator at 2 pm today saying that (a) we had better carpool to the picnic because there was inadequate parking AND (b) oh, by the way, we forgot to do a gift for the coaches, bring some cash tonight. I guess she's having a hard end of the school year too. Guess who did not get a gift contribution from me? No way could I hit the ATM, pick up both kids and drinks and plates and sticks and lawn chairs and get there early enough to park. ARGH. Tomorrow is field day, and my son came home with a list of 10 things (not kidding) he needs for tomorrow. I think that it's in the kitchen somewhere. And he needs a yellow shirt, at least that was clean. My daughter has her gymnastics show on Thursday night and her dance recital is this weekend. Next week, end of school, two class parties (I got a note today to bring caramel syrup, what 5 year old needs 4 choices of sundae syrups???), four teacher gifts (an extra one in there because the teacher who was on maternity leave decided to come back for the last 2.5 days of school... really? really?), preschool graduation AND a visit from my inlaws. Please someone put me in time out for being a slacker mom- hopefully there is wine there.


We're done. Finished last week. However the last week of school was mostly snack lunches. I also gave up on forcing homework the last 10 days or so.


We've just stated ball season and it's messing with end of the school year season. I'm so thankful there are no uniforms and very little in the way of dress codes. This year we did manage to also fit in confirmation, so that's done but now there are still 12 school days of school left. Not including weekends.
I'm at the "what do you me you forgot it, you've had practice all year bringing it". Perfect doesn't exist.

Headless Mom

Solidarity, sister.

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