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I think it's enlightening to go to conferences like this and it helps us gain perspective, and offers us the opportunity to think about things in different ways. On that note, I'm happy to not have a "life manual". I don't think I could handle the disappointment of not meeting expectations according to said manual. I know that I keep coming back here because you are a good writer and capture so perfectly in words situations I can relate to, with humor, grace, and humility. Rock on, Carmen!


I read because I relate to what you write, not necessarily because I have the same situations or experiences, but because I understand. I also read because you respond to my comments and I feel that you have become my friend in the 'honesty of the internet'. (Unlike the bookselling bloggers who don't have time to respond to the comments on their blogs or delegate the response to others.)

Your blog reminds me of the old song/proverb that talks about friends:

Make new friends, but keep the old.
One is silver, the other is gold.


Your commitment to writing the truth, the ugly, funny, crazy, sad truth, is what brings me back to you. I have been trying to muster the courage to do the same ever since I started reading your blog. And you should write a book, whether you are invited to or not. Write it, and your readers will buy it and publicize it. I promise.


huh I apparently have been absent for a minute .... or two. Your honesty, your candor, your willingness to share it all for the sake of sanity - that is why I read this.

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