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Wow. So glad he is ok.PTL


Oh my gosh how scary! Glad everything turned out ok.

Stacey B.

Very scary. You are a great mom and you handled it far better than I could have. Allergies scare me.


So glad it came out ok. Hang in there and continue your diligence.


Oh good heavens! Well at least he also has something to write about for "what I did this summer" ... coming in just under the wire!
Glad he's OK, how terrifying!


That sounded SOOO Scary. Glad it all worked out. Good thoughts for you and your son!


Yikes, that story is horrifying and I'm so glad he's all right now. You absolutely *are* a good mom.


Oh my gosh that sounds like a horrible ordeal!! You are a GREAT mom - I know this without actually "knowing" you - and how sweet of your son to say so, even when his own life was in danger! So glad he is okay.


Wow, that sounds so scary. You were much calmer than I could have been. I think I would have called 911 immediately or run over a small child trying to get to the ER quickly.

Maybe he touched something that was inadvertently contaminated, like the kitchen counter or a sandwich crumb?

Karen at A Glimpse Into My Reveries

Anaphylaxis is very scary! I've had a couple of close calls myself! So has my daughter who inherited my nut allergies!

My issue are the people who toss around "allergic" meaning dislike. When I say allergic, I means its life or death!

Yum Yucky

Ugh. This is so scary!


Next time, if there is one, please, please don't drive. Call 911. Please.

I have a friend who insists that you Epi right away, regardless - but I worry that if you do it too soon, you won't have it when you need it (i.e., 20 minutes later, say, when the trouble breathing kicks in). Sounds like your doctor is the wait-and-see variety, also. Does the Epi prevent the anaphylaxis or only relieve it? I always wonder.


Oh my friend! Have been there/done that, although (thank God), not kin years! Please let us know how you are all doing now!


So scary! I'm glad you got it all worked out.

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