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delightful. and why weren't you around when I was learning to walk in the dern things???

Sarah B.

I'm 32 and can still barely walk well in them. I just don't do it enough, and it is not like riding a bike!


At almost 55, I tried to revive my heel expertise for a recent wedding we attended. I left the house in my daily wear - Dansko clogs - carrying two pairs of heels. Then the very cute stiletto-ish pair with the modest low heel were slipped on at the sandwich shop we stopped at for lunch.

My husband laughed out loud as I tottered across the parking lot, then skittered dangerously across the waxed concrete floor there. Making it back to the car, I switched to the safer chunky heeled pair for the wedding.

It seems my three to four years of wearing tennis shoes, Merrills, and Danskos wipes out decades of graceful walking and dancing in heels. Meaning all but the 'sentimental' shoes go on eBay.

I'll keep mom's strappy heels in black velvet with the 50's newspaper in the box and the New Year's party shoes with the 5" heel (my highest) along with the black interview and funeral pair stays too. (But I better practice walking in them before wearing them again.)


I remember saving my money up for heels and had my first pair at 13. Wow I could not walk, but thought I was cool. I don't wear them any longer due to falling and fracturing my foot walking to the van. I just chuckle and remember those days when I see someone who cannot walk in them.


You should post a video, sounds like I could use a lesson!


I gave up wearing heals in favor of my back but it looks like your girls had fun.


So cute = my 17 year old can walk in heels better than I!!


This is absolutely precious! I love the picture of all four sets of feet. The girls look so sweet!

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