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You might look at JC Penney's. I found some things there this spring. I also like Kohl's if they are in your area. You could get some tops that are like tshirts, but more appropriate for the office. I'm thinking of Croft & Barrow shirts at Kohl's. I wear the same thing over & over. Lately I have been trying to buy a few new things & get rid of older things. I like comfort & am not into fashion. I am slow to like fashion changes. I am usually getting on board about the time things start going out of fashion! ha ha.


Add being petite even for petite people to that mix and welcome to my shopping nightmare. I wish I had some great ideas for you, but I seem to be lacking this particular girl gene as well. Not very helpful, to be sure, but just trying to let you know that you are not alone!

Jackie Parker

I order some of my clothes from Blair on line. I have several tops that I really like. If I find things I like sometimes I wait until they go on closeout and really get a deal. I also check Belk and Macy, especially their mark down racks. Got a top from Belk once for $4 and have worn it to several occasions.


I do wish I lived near you Carmen ..... Or even in the same country! We could go clothes shopping together because I have the exact same dilemma! Good luck! I like to think pretty much anything (sensible) look good if worn with confidence :-)


Check out Chicos-cute stuff. I'm built similarly to you and I also like Macy's and Kohls. Black capris, a cropped top, and a long tank in a coordinating color underneath. Old Navy is a great place for the long tanks.


I go to Dress Barn & for every 2 wasted trips there is always a jackpot to follow. I don't do pants but they just sent me a ad on pants they had for alll shapes so maybe you'll get lucky!


I hit up Lands End and scored some nice dress pants in a cinnamon brown color that are very comfortable but dressier than my jeans. http://www.landsend.com/products/womens-fit-2-slim-ankle-chino-pants/id_249415_57?CM_MERCH=DTP_SEARCH_OH&action=DTP_SEARCH_OH&query=422484OHX And they're down to $18.99 I might have to buy more in the other color since they are so comfortable.

I also grabbed some black dress pants from Macy's - no pockets. Streamlined solid colors and a crisp white blouse on top.

I even got a nice white with green floral top from Lands End that fits my big boobs.http://www.landsend.com/products/womens-long-sleeve-pattern-supima-no-iron-shirt/id_266860_57 It's the ivory floral (see the tall size) They don't have the green one in petite anymore, but you get the idea. I love the no-iron stuff.

Let your jewelry or scarf or jacket be the pizzazz and stick to classic for the rest.

PS like the rest I always check sale racks first or clearance, and try on if I can. If it's mail order, I don't mind sending it back.


I love Dress Barn for appropriate, flattering clothes, and also The Limited for professional wear. And Marshalls is my weekly habit.


I was just looking at lots of dresses on sale at JCPenneys online. Dresses just seem easy and I'd love to wear them more. The ones that "wrap" or have a waist, then flare out at the bottom might look good. There are some darker colors for fall but still lightweight material.


I wish I had some advice to offer, but if I'm not wearing t-shirts and shorts around the house, or tanks and shorts to work out in I'm wearing khakis and a polo to work. I'm missing that gene, too. But, I know Lands End has some nice classic styles that can be dressed up or down. (Half my clothes seem to be lands end, including some workout wear.) Wishing you the best!

Brenda Diggs

I'll go shopping with you! I really mean it! I love clothes, but don't have the patience to shop at the mall. I usually shop in the thrift stores and online ( hello, Modcloth.com!) I think would actually enjoy shopping for someone else at the mall, or in stores. I'm completely serious.Pin things to your pinterest style board and narrow things down and make a plan of what you NEED and some things that you just want, to make you feel good! I work 8-4 M-F, and I'm usually free on Saturdays ( except next Saturday)And I can be honest while still being nice ;)

Anita G

Take a look at www.jessicalondon.com


I had some luck recently at Ann Taylor Loft. They had some great dresses and the prices were decent. I tend to be hippy so I stay away from pants mostly. A-line dresses work well and I pair them with light weight sweaters. When I do wear pants I stick to black capris. Vera Wang makes a line for Kohl's and her capris are great. I also agree with the ladies above and I've often had success at Marshall's. Particularly dresses from Cynthia Rowley.


Do you have an Ann Taylor outlet near you? They cover many sizes and the outlets have really great prices on well made clothing. I also really like the Gap but pants and blouses.

becky d.

If you are a size 14+ (not sure what size you wear) -- check out Lane Bryant. They have various pants designs that are made for different shapes (small waist/big heiney, etc)...plus they have shirts made for those who are well endowed up top. You may also want to take some items to a tailor so they fit the chest, but go in at the waist, etc....


Ann Taylor.... totally. If you sign up for emails, they send out a sale EVERY SINGLE DAY! I love their 60% off clearance prices sales. I got tees for $5 - but they are Ann Taylor and will last for a long, long time. I am chesty, and their tops fit super! Polished, perfect!! I think Ann Taylor outlet is more expensive than buying AT online. IMHO....


Have you checked out Franish's blog? She's of German descent and has a real girl body. Her outfits are all made of affordable, timeless classics. Take a look and see if that is helpful. :)


Wrap dresses-they travel beautifully are pretty much universally flattering, transition well into different seasons and can be worn with any shoes/tights-no tights, etc. they are kind of the bomb.


I love me some JCP and LOFT.


I agree with the above choices. I would add that, if your thighs love each other as much as mine do, look into Jockey Slipshorts. There are different types but they make wearing skirts and dresses SO much more bearable. There is even a wicking variety, which are meant to be worn under yoga/running pants, but I wear them under skirts and let's just say, my thighs thanked me.


In my hunt for wedding guest attire, I went to Cleo, Reitmans (ships ot USA), Northern Reflections, Ricki's and Sears. I found a top to go with dress pants at Reitmans. I always seem to find what I want at Reitmans. I tried on 15 dresses in 5 days. I only own 3 dresses right now, 1 is a tad fitted iykwim, one is my wedding gown (19yrs ago) and another is a Maid of Honor Dress from 11yrs ago.

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