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Good idea- there must be some play time in here, too, right?

Karen at A Glimpse Into My Reveries

What did I do to teach my littles responsibility? I'd have to say set clear expectations, set them up for success (like your white board checklist) and then, most difficult is let them face the consequences of their own actions or inaction. I couldn't take forgotten items to school as school was 25 minutes from home and I worked 45 minutes away from both school and home.
They learned pretty quickly that forgotten items were another school day away!


You are wise to begin the responsibility training at their ages. My son, 15, is still figuring out how to be responsible because I have enabled him for far too long, in the interest of my own sanity. Fortunately he is equally determined to do things for himself (finally!!!) and is actually trying. So I would say that you are correct in asking them to do it, but they won't excel at it until they are good and ready.

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