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I am so blissfully grateful that I have not needed to fly on a plane since my oldest was 1. (He's 8 now).

Every time I send my husband to the airport I cringe a bit at what he has to go through, because holy cow. Now, as far as security goes, I know people dislike the TSA but my father-in-law works in DC for TSA and whenever I hear him discuss "the bad guys" that are actually caught on a weekly basis I realize that while it's not perfect at least it's doing something.

We just never get to hear about it because they'd prefer we not know.

And I'm sorry about the tomato jam. Bummer.

Stephanie C.

I hate they took away the jam from your friend.
So where did you sit on the flight home? You can't leave us hanging like that!


I'm flying next week out of Midway in Chicago and I'm dreading it because apparently, the horror story that was the FAA situation last week is not expected to be completely resolved until October 13th. As far as the things we try to carry on, I had a female TSA agent take a very small bottle of very expensive face cream from me once, and I'm certain that it was because she wanted it, not because she thought it was anything dangerous. And yeah, where DID you sit??


Airline travel is so expensive here that it helps me make the driving decision, but I don't travel far.

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