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I don't consider my list a bucket list, I call it a dream board. Things we want to do soon...some that we want to do before we die...some we just want to do before the boys leave the nest (seriously, will that day ever come?).


Go with the Flow and be astonished at where you end up.....LOVE THAT!!!!


I love this picture of you two!
It's definitely worth a 1000 words and one that very much describes what I love about you- COLORFUL :)
I'm often muted pastels, maybe even grayscale! lol So I love how you inspire me to step outside the box now & then with a splash of color of my own.

Beth's dream board idea is something I'd LOVE to see you do, with a little twist:
Make a collage with a fave pic from all the things you have already done & keep on adding to it!


I love your attitude about this. I have noticed that the more I get older the more with the flow I go...because really, things never work out as planned. At least, in my experience. It's way more important to be engaged in the present and enjoy what is happening now! You have done some pretty cool things....may you continue to do so!!!

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